Episode 137: The Amityville Horror Wrap Up Show

5_The_Amityville_Curse_StandardIt’s that time on the podcast where we must say our final farewells…this time to the ominous house down the block with demons living inside; to the mirror that makes out worst nightmares come true; and to the dollhouse that creates an alternate dimension of demons out of a fireplace.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd for a jam packed wrap up show that includes their analysis of the Amityville Horror franchise including but not limited to where the franchise should have stopped, how to have kept better continuity within the franchise and even an attempt at making the entire franchise make sense within the same continuity! Also, we name the winners of the Amityville Survival Kits!

The back half of the show is all about the real life Amityville incident.  After a discussion of the alleged real life events with the Lutzes, the DeFeo murders and the media frenzy that happened afterwards, both hosts give their opinion of what they believe to be the final truth.  Ron will even talk to world renowned ghost hunter Robb Demarest from SYFY’s Haunting Australia program about his thoughts and experiences on the Amityville horror case!



**Questions for Robb were placed in the interview in post production as original interview was in email format**

HORROR NEWS: Tremors 5, Lizzie Borden Took An Axe sequel series and Godzilla-themed hotels!


 **Famous ghost picture taken in the Amityville House while no one was inside**


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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 80




I have always been a horror fan but never much of a zombie fan. Im more of a vampire kind of girl myself. As a teenager, I devoured Anne Rice and Stephen King novels and spent hours at the video store choosing just the right scary movie. I never left with a zombie film.

These creatures just did not appeal to me. They were excessively violent, clumsy, stupid and grossly unattractive. They had one goal and that was to eat the brains and sometimes the flesh of the living. At least vampires have some fun. They don’t age, only have to drink blood, and can think and speak. In fact vampires tend to be quite clever. Zombies are basically on life support until they decay. How boring!

images-2I finally saw George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead in my 20s. I surprised myself by liking it but to be fair it is an intelligent film. These days zombies are everywhere. It’s a zombie media apocalypse! In the last five to ten years there have been many new incarnations of the zombie. There is a zombie to fit every horror fan’s taste. Fast, funny, productive, romantic,  intelligent and in the case of iZombie, the new CW series, downright cute! I guess because I’ve never been a fan of traditional zombies I can appreciate the new fangled sort. I learned of iZombie last year and became intrigued as it reminded me of a book I’d read and enjoyed  a few years ago with a similar plot called My Life As A White Trash Zombie. I had hope that iZombie might be a gem in the sea of crap that is called TV these days.

I was not disappointed. I found my gem in the pilot. iZombie was created by Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) and stars Rose McIver as Liv the Zombie. The show is loosely based on a graphic novel of the same name.

images-3Liv Moore was a medical resident when she attended a party where she and other guests were attacked by zombies. A number of the guests were killed outright but Liv survives and becomes part zombie. She takes a job at the Medical Examiner’s office to avoid killing for brains. Her new position becomes her true calling. Liv discovers she absorbs the memories of the brains she eats which ultimately helps her solve the cases of those that were murdered. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun little show. A horror/comedy/drama hybrid with some brains and blood tossed in it was definitely worth the hour of my time.

Liv is likeable,  sweet, cute  a badass! I was skeptical because well the CW is home to 90210 and America’s Next Top Model. Even with the limitations of teen TV, iZombie comes out on top. I’ll be watching. 


If you watch and like this series pick up a copy of the book I mentioned, My Life As A White Trash Zombie.

You will like that too. 



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Episode 136: The Amityville Asylum

amityville-asylum-2013The Amityville House is gone.  The address is not.  In it’s place High Hopes Hospital, a mental institution has been built.  Lisa Templeton gets a job there and pretty much all Hell breaks loose.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they explore the halls of the asylum trying not to get their brains eaten, tripped up by the ghosts of the DeFeo family or be shot by the random person wielding a shotgun.  The final (so far) movie in the Amityville franchise has a few twists and turns while paying homage to many horror films including the original 1979 Amityville Horror.  There is exciting conflict, characters and even amazing special effects…on the podcast.  The movie?  That’s yet to be seen.

HORROR NEWS: Rob Zombie’s 31, new line of NECA Friday the 13th action figures and Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel

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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 79



2015-03-09-18-10-37--473568886 Happy  Friday the 13th! In honor of the holiday this week I give you my top favorite weapons Jason has used to murder people and a bit about his favorites. I have chosen 1 favorite weapon from each film except part one because of course Jason is not the killer. I love a creative kill so my picks are all about Jason using that rotting brain of his in a pinch to get the job done.


13.  Jason Takes Manhattan is not a good film. In fact it is one of the worst in the franchise. However, it has one of my favorite weapons and that would be Jason’s fists. After being punched repeatedly by Julius it takes him just one hit to literally punch Julius’s head off !


nikki 12.  No one can accuse Jason of not being resourceful. He can always find a way to murder regardless of location. In Jason Lives, even though he has ended up on a speeding mobile home, he manages to murder Nikki in a very small bathroom by smashing her face into a rubbery looking mirror. He then dispatches with the driver and is able to exit the vehicle before it catches fire.


11. The New Blood has several rather interesting weapons but my favorite is the axe! Jason’s best use of an axe in this sequel is the one he gave Melissa the bitch to her face. After which he tosses her against the wall like a rag doll.


2015-03-09-18-21-15--382725910 10. Friday the 13th 3D has a murder with one of the more interesting but bizarre weapons in Jason’s repertoire. Edna the housewife, who is with us for a very short time, probably wishes she didn’t have a hankering for homemade sweaters and scarves after meeting Jason. She was killed with one of her own knitting needles jammed into the back of her neck!


9. Friday the 13th Part 2 has a new batch of counselors back at Camp Crystal Lake. They are about to meet Jason and become his first victims. There are plenty of murdered counselors in the sequel but my favorite weapon in this movie is the claw hammer a deputy gets to the back of the head. Ouch! That had to hurt.


images-6 (1) 8. The Final Chapter has your usual body count gang hanging out at Lake House instead of working at a camp. The kids start hooking up and Jason comes by to liven the party. Loveable nerd Jimbo has sex with a pretty girl and is murdered in the afterglow. Jason uses a corkscrew to the hand to get his attention and finishes the job with a meat cleaver to the face. I liked the addition of the corkscrew. Nice touch Jason!


7. Jason Goes to Hell is an awful movie. There is very little that redeems this movie except a few of the kills. My favorite weapon and most comical weapon was the car door. Unfortunately, poor Edna had her head slammed in one and was no more.


2015-03-09-18-24-26--1420146739 6.  Tina’s doctor in The New Blood was a contemptible human being. He psychologically tortured her the majority of the movie. Fortunately, he gets his just desserts courtesy of Jason. I still can’t figure out where Jason found that weed whacker. Perhaps he bought it from Home Depot! He didn’t use it clean up the overgrowth around his cabin that is for sure. He sawed Dr. Crews in half instead.


giphy 5. Freddy Vs. Jason has one of my favorite machete kills of all time. Machetes are pretty basic weapons. Boring. However, one of cornfield ravers gets a very fun flaming machete to the back!



4. Friday the 13th the reboot has Jason utilizing a new weapon never before used on any of his victims. Nolan is out on the lake speeding along in his boat and is taken out by Jason with a perfect shot to the head via bow and arrow. Hey wait!  Where did Jason get those skills?


3. In Friday the 13th The New Beginning it isn’t actually Jason doing the killing. It is a copy cat but I will count it anyway since we don’t realize this until the end of the film. At least I didn’t. Vinnie the greaser gets a lit road flare to the mouth after stopping to tend to some car trouble. I think Jason would have been quite impressed with that weapon choice.


2015-03-09-18-27-25--387984796 2.  Jason X is another fail. Supernatural serial killers do not belong in space. Even though this movie is terrible it has one of my favorite kills of the franchise. Leave it to Jason to find a way to kill in a gruesome and cool way with liquid nitrogen. Unfortunately for Adrienne she has her face dunked in it, slammed into the counter and broken apart.


2015-03-09-18-19-47-1413109253 1. My number one favorite weapon Jason has used are the hedge trimming shears in A New Beginning Tina our big boobed beauty who has one of the nicest racks in the franchise gets stabbed through the eyes while laying naked on the ground after sex. Great weapon — great tits!


There you have it. My favorite Jason weapons. Would you like to know what Jason’s favorite weapon appears to be? After some research, it is the machete which he has used over 30 times in the franchise. Feel free to tell us your favorite in the comments below.

Happy Friday the 13th!


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Episode 135: The Amityville Haunting

The_Amityville_Haunting_(2011)The house at 112 Ocean Ave in Amityville, NY has set empty as we journeyed all over the land chasing haunted lamps, clocks and dollhouses.  Amityville Haunting takes us back (allegedly) to the original Amityville house with it’s lineage back to the Lutz and DeFeo families.  In footage found and compiled for our viewing we will watch the Benson family fall into the madness and succumb to the famous house — or probably just the director’s house.  This is an Asylum film, after all. Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd bring to you all of the badness that is Amityville Haunting while discussing such hot topic issues as what ghost children should look like, discount Wal-Mart food items and even the worst sex scene ever recorded.

HORROR NEWS: Mad Monster Con in Charlotte, NC, Season 3 of Hannibal, XXX Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Gutterballs 2

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