Unleash Hell 48




Not a toy exactly but so super cool! Manufactured by A.B.G. Products in 1964/65 THE MONSTER PENCIL SHARPENERS!

5Each character was produced in a total of FIVE different colors – Green, Gray, Purple, Orange and White.

These are so rad! Using these in school got you tons of MONSTER points among us monster fans. I loved them and had every one in every color but alas these days I don’t anymore…sad face…

8We used to trade them and win them at games of marbles etc., back in the day until we all had complete collections then we could use all the doubles to win something else as well! Those were the days! Winning monster stuff just doesn’t happen anymore unless it’s on ebay! LOL!

Why would you ever use any other pencil sharpener? There was Frankenstein, The Mummy, Werewolf, Etta The Ghoul and The Phantom. Each character’s name is printed on a tombstone on the box indicating where to store each sharpener.

I love these pencil sharpeners but it’s super hard to find them all today!

7  6   10

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Episode 129: Amityville 3D

Amityville3It’s 1983 and we have the third installment of a horror franchise coming out in theaters so of course it’s entitled 3D!  That’s not the only reason that the film has this ridiculous format!  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they trespass into the Amityville Horror home one more time in search of the shit demon that lives in the well in the basement or emotions for John Baxter.  Find out why this is the only Amityville film that received a PG rating, what room the flies now reside in and how a man as cardboard as the main character could actually find a wife and reproduce.

HORROR NEWS: The ABCs of Death get a substitute teacher fired, realistic lifelike horror icons for your home and Sharknado 3!





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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 74


Tusk  is a horror comedy directed by Kevin Smith and starring Justin Long and Michael Park. It was released in 2014.



The plot of this film centers around a podcaster named Wally who travels to Canada to interview someone for his show. Once Wally arrives he learns his subject has killed their self. Wally does not want to return home empty handed so when he is given the opportunity to interview an elderly man who supposedly has many exciting life stories to share he takes it. Unfortunately for this very unlucky podcaster the old man has lured him to his home for sinister reasons. I cannot elaborate any further or I will be venturing into spoiler territory.

IMG_0140Tusk is probably the most bizarre horror film I have ever seen (It may be tied with The Human Centipede).  The film started off by familiarizing you with the main character, Wally, and his best friend Teddy played by a now rather plump but still cute Hayley Joel Osment. Wally has become a huge douchebag since the success of his podcast and his girlfriend just wants him to return to the likable nerd he once was. Wally being an annoying douche keeps the viewer from feeling much sympathy for him later on in the film.

Once Wally enters the old man’s home and begins interviewing him things turn creepy quickly. The creepy factor ends once the setting changes. I am not sure how I feel about this. I know Kevin Smith wanted there to be horror and comedy in this film but to me it was not able to do both at once. When the tone changed —  it was for the rest of the film. I longed for the creepy to come back.

IMG_0142That said there is still plenty of good stuff in this mixed bag including a cameo by Johnny Depp. Smith and Depp’s daughters played the convenience store clerks and an ending so bizarre you will shake your head and laugh.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. It has seemed to be a love it or hate it with not many viewers falling in the middle. The things that I didn’t care for were to some extent cancelled out by the sheer insanity that this film is. I loved the concept. There were parts of the film that I loved. I just did not love the execution of all of it. I would have preferred all creepy with comedy sprinkled in rather than change of tone for whole segments of it. If you are into bizarre, creepy, funny horror with an original plot check out Tusk. I guarantee you will not be bored and you may even love it. One final note: What would you do if you found yourself in Wally’s situation? Could you get yourself out of it before it was too late?  If you have seen the film I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments.



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Episode 128: Amityville 2 – The Possession

Amityville22The Lutzes have moved on, literally leaving everything they own behind.  That’s cool and all, but what happened in the house before The Lutzes moved in?  Amityville 2 – The Possession is a loose retelling of the DeFeo murders where the real life Ronald DeFeo murdered his entire family in their sleep.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they discuss all things Amityville 2 including the film actually being two movies and possibly in the wrong franchise, some fact vs. fiction, leaving family friction on the table, possession via Walkman, uneven filmmaking techniques and even good old-fashioned phone calls after death!  Incest, rape, murder, exorcisms and explosions — this movie has it all!

HORROR NEWS:  Texas Chainsaw Massacre gas station becoming a rebuilt destination, the future of the Garbage Pail Kids and a new Friday the 13th video game!

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Episode 127: The Amityville Horror

amityvilleA large house in the middle of New York that’s spacious, four stories and oversees a lake complete with boat house on the cheap — what could be better for a young couple looking to raise a family.  How about if the place wasn’t haunted to the point of trying to possess the dad?  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they explore horror’s most famous house.   They will discuss the strange plain this story lives on as they try to decide what is fact and what is fiction including the infamous Red Room, the DeFeo Murders, comparisons to other 70s horror films the differences between 70s horror and 80s horror, the sexiness of James Brolin and whether or not we actually see boob.


HORROR NEWS: The death of Edward Hermann, Lionsgate ON DEMAND system, horror novel re-issues and Fright Night Blu Ray release

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