Episode 145: Alien

alien poster metroidFrom the Middle East to the prom and now to the vast silence that is outer space — where no one can hear you scream!  The Resurrection of Zombie 7 podcast gets all sci-fi with the beginnings of the Alien franchise.   Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and a rare appearance from Jay of the Dead as they kick off this iconic franchise with the original 1979 film by Ridley Scott.  The discussion includes the downfall of mankind via a cat, origins of the Alien script, sexual symbolism in the movie, how it relates to Psycho, the ambiance of space, the crew of the Nostromo and Sigourney Weaver’s buttcrack.

HORROR NEWS: The Craft remake, The Blob remake, Wolf Creek 3


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Episode 144: ONE NIGHT STAND – Carrie, Carrie, Carrie

download (4)Three girls named Carrie White with telekenetic powers.  Three girls who are horror fans.  All on the same show!  Join us for an episode of firsts as for the first time the podcast will cover three movies, will cover a remake, will have four people on it and possibly the only horror podcast in history with three females! Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and their guest, Channy Dreadful and Michele Eggen as they take a look at three versions of the same movie!  First up, the 1976 classic Carrie with Sissy Spacek, John Travolta, Nancy Allen and Piper Laurie.  Following that, a made for TV backdoor pilot from 2002 with Angela Bettis in the starring role.  Finally, the group will take on the 2013 remake starring Chloe Grace Meritz.  They will discuss the major differences in the movie, what creator Stephen King thinks of the movies/characters, many different takes on remakes, book vs. movie and what constitutes telekinetic powers!  Also, find out the connection between Carrie and Star Wars!

HORROR NEWS: Update on Mixtape Massacre board game, update on the casting of Pennywise, update on new Amityville movies

Check out Michelle Eggen at her blog The Girl Who Loves Horror!

You can also read her articles at Wicked Horror and her article on Piper Laurie’s performance in Carrie here.

Channy Dreadful can often be found creeping around the Whedonverse Podcast



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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 84



Where would the horror genre be without all the hot ladies who have graced us with their presence onscreen over the years? Women have been an important part of horror movies often playing the protagonist and lone survivor. This week I give you 10 of my favorite horror hotties in no particular order. There are so many amazingly talented and beautiful women who have made a career in horror as well as those who have started in horror. As a result this was a very difficult 10 to choose.


1.  Janet Leigh mother to Halloween star Jamie Leigh Curtis had a career as an actress that spanned five decades. A beautiful lady who had a variety of roles including Halloween H2O and The Fog and is best known for her role in Psycho (1960). The scene which ended with her stabbed to death in the shower is one of the most famous scenes in a horror movie of all time. She continued to take roles in TV and movies until her death in 2004. I cannot imagine Psycho without her.


2. Judi Aronson began her movie career playing Samantha in Friday the 13th Part IV released in (1984). The following year we saw her in Weird Science . Although she has had only one more role in horror since, as a reporter in Hannibal she is anything but forgettable. She is arguably the hottest lady in the franchise with the best ass. If I had to guess, I’d say the only actress who comes close is Julianna Guill from the 2009 reboot. These days Judi is looking as beautiful as ever at 50.


3. Shawnee Smith has long been a favorite actress of mine. She is talented and beautiful! Her movie career did not begin in horror but with the 1987 movie, Summer School. She followed that up by starring in the remake of The Blob. However, her Scream Queen status really took off with her role as Amanda Jigsaw ‘s protégé in the 2004 film Saw and its sequels. She has since had roles as central characters on the sitcoms Becker and Anger Management.


4. I believe the first time I ever saw Eliza Dushku was in the 2003 film Wrong Turn. I spent the whole film in awe of how stunning her beauty is and how great she is at portraying ass kickers. She played one of a group of kids stranded in the backwoods of West Virginia and stalked by a family of cannibals. Although this was a relatively successful film and franchise Eliza had already found fame prior to this. She played Faith on the popular show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it’s spin off, Angel.


5. Danielle Harris is the darling of the Halloween franchise — literally. She began her movie career at 11 years old playing Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. Halloween 5 followed in 1989. She did not take another role in
horror until 1998′s Urban Legend. Although to many horror fans Danielle already had Scream Queen status from her roles in the Halloween sequels her status was sealed when she took the role of Annie in Rob Zombie’s 2007 and 2009 Halloween remakes. Miss Harris is without a doubt my favorite Scream Queen.


6.  Felissa Rose is not only hot she is also sweet and talented. She began her horror movie career as the “chick with the dick” in 1983′s Sleepaway Camp at age 12.
She instantly achieved Scream Queen status with this role. She did not reprise her role as Angela Baker in the 1988 sequels because by this time she was a college student. Felissa eventually came back to the horror scene about 10 years ago and has been acting and producing since. I had the pleasure of interviewing her in 2014 and not only is she appreciative of her fans she is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met!


7. Katharine Isabelle began her acting career in 1989 but her first role in a horror film didn’t come until 1998′s Disturbing Behavior. Ginger Snaps was released in 2000. Her next big role in horror and what put her on the horror map was Freddy vs. Jason from 2003. Although she has had a mix of horror, TV and non horror throughout her career she is most recognized by horror fans. I knew her face but not her name until 2012′s American Mary in which she played a super sexy revenge killer!


8. Jordan Ladd began her acting career as a 3 year old on an episode of Charlie’s Angels. Her roles in horror films include Hostel II and Grace. The first film I saw her in was 2002′s Cabin Fever. Although I lean toward the brunette ladies, I recall being taken with this petite blonde cutie. Unfortunately, her character suffered a grisly death. First she was stricken with a flesh eating virus then put out of her misery with a 2 x 4.


9. Danielle Panabaker got her first movie role in 2005 but her first role in a horror film didn’t come until 2009 with the Friday the 13th reboot. I enjoyed her performance as Jenna and hoped to see her in future horror films. Her roles since include The Ward, The Crazies, and Girls Against Boys a film I highly recommend if you are into revenge horror.


10. I have saved the best for last. Alexandria Daddario is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen with her dark hair and crystal blue eyes. Although she has been acting since 2003 her breakout role would have to be 2013′s Texas Chainsaw 3D. She played the lead, Heather Miller, who would turn out to be Leatherface’s cousin. The following year she was cast in the HBO series True Detective as Woody Harrelson’s character’s mistress. I found out while watching True Detective that not only is she beautiful but she has a pretty great rack. Yes, guys, she goes topless for this role! So if you like dark mysteries and boobs check out the first season of True Detective.

There you have it! Ten of my favorite horror hotties. Let me know what you think of my picks or feel free to share yours in the comments.

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Episode 143: The Wishmaster Wrap Up Show

wishmastThe Wishmaster has run out of wishes so this week, we say a bittersweet goodbye to the Djinn. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they tackle the tough questions such as the Top Five Death scenes from the franchise, Ten Questions about the franchise, where the Wishmaster fits in with other horror icons, if the Wishmaster franchise would have benefitted from being released in the 80s, Wishmaster vs. A Nightmare on Elm Street and where the Wishmaster franchise ranks amongst franchises covered on this podcast.

HORROR NEWS:  Stephen King wins an Edgar, more information on The Omen TV show and more horror buddies!

Check out Little Miss Horror Nerd on The Horror on the Go podcast!

Get your Horror Buddy here!


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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 83




Snuff : A Documentary About Killing On Camera  is directed by Paul von Stoetzel and was released in 2008. It was available on Netflix until 2010 and out of print since then. It has since been re released on DVD and VOD April 21st by Wild Eye Releasing.  

There have been multiple definitions of what constitutes a snuff film and this documentary explores them in depth. Through interviews with law enforcement, professors and filmmakers many different types of murder on camera are discussed. First up is “What is a snuff film?”

images (4)The FBI definition of a snuff film is a person murdered on camera with the intent of distribution for profit. Until I watched this documentary about all variations of murder on camera, I believed a snuff film was one where a woman is murdered on camera and in some cases sexually assaulted. American cinema and snuff are examined with examples of movies that used snuff as a marketing tool focusing on the 1976 film Snuff (originally titled Slaughter) as well as Cannibal HolocaustThe Faces of Death films are evaluated to determine if they fit the definition of snuff and whether or not any of those scenes were staged or fake.

images (5)Serial killers and their relationship with snuff are discussed. Can videos of the torture and murder of the victims of serial killers filmed by the killer for the express purpose of reliving their crimes over and over be considered snuff? The Leonard Lake and Charles Ng case is used as a reference point and discussed in some detail. A Russian case of child pornography in which young children were paid to participate in these films and were often killed during the abuse is highlighted. Snuff as it relates to war videos that show combat deaths as well as deaths such as beheadings at the hands of terrorists are up last. Finally a personal story of his experience with a real snuff film and how he was affected by it is told by executive producer Mark L. Rosen. It is a powerful story told by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre producer who passed away in  2012.


I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary. I didn’t watch it to determine whether or not snuff films exist. I do not believe this is something that can be proven or unproven in 75 minutes. I was interested in the subject and learning more about it including the opinions of others on why it exists and its many forms. I went into the film as a believer. Twenty years ago I would never have thought someone would be murdered on camera with the intent to profit. I would never have believed anyone could be that sick or stupid because now you are a murderer selling the evidence. However, the longer I live the more I realize there is no limit to the cruelty and depravity human beings are capable of. I suspect that just like people have watched a film like Cannibal Holocaust and become convinced that people were actually murdered there are also people who have watched an actual snuff film and had no idea it was the real thing. Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet I have seen some truly evil things I can never unsee. If these exist — so does snuff. I also know there is a market so there will be suppliers, if not in this country in others where things are far less civilized.

This was a very thorough documentary that provided a lot of information in a short time and with conflicting opinions leaves it to the viewer to decide what their position is. I will put out one warning: this film contains extremely graphic and disturbing footage including the murder of animals and short clips of a terrorist beheading a victim on film. These are not long clips but even 5 to 10 seconds will stay with you. 


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