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Summertime! It’s time for sun and fun at beach. However,  ever since Jaws we all know what can happen when we go in the water. So what if we just stay on the beach? Get our tan, drink our beer, cookout… That is totally safe, right?  Not so fast! This week I had the chance to watch The Sand starring Brooke Butler (All Cheerleaders Die). Jamie Kennedy has a small but comical part in The Sand as well.


The story follows a group of kids who throw an all night party on the beach at the start of spring break. They wake up the next morning to find that several of the kids who slept on the beach have vanished. Nine of them remain but after two of them are eaten by the sand the rest start realizing it’s up to them to find a way off the beach alive.


I’ll start by saying I really enjoyed this movie. I liked watching the kids trying to devise ways to get out of their predicament while also trying to determine what is after them. The premise of this movie reminded me quite a bit of a movie called Blood Beach that was released in 1981.  Much of The Sand took place during the day where as quite a few of the attacks in Blood Beach occurred at night. Frankly, I think the beach is pretty damn creepy at night. That said, The Sand wasn’t scary but it was fun and had quite a bit of humor. It also had several pairs of bare boobs, some gore, and a day glo creature. All in all I had a good time watching it. My only complaint was both the gore and creature were executed with CGI. It was pretty bad CGI as well but even if it hadn’t been, I always prefer practical effects. If I hadn’t liked the plot as much as I did, the CGI would have killed it for me.


The Sand is available to stream on Amazon.





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Bonus Episode 013: Troll 2 Commentary


Troll_2_posterWe are celebrating in our usual way!! In honor the podcast turning four years old, we bring to you yet another annual commentary to be enjoyed while watching a horror cult classic.  This year we focus on the famous (infamous?) Troll 2.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and Darien Brock as they strand themselves in Nilbog, try to avoid anything green and battle against vegetarianism.  True story.

To listen to Darien’s Shock Treatment episode covering Troll/Troll 2, click here!




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Episode 203: The Howling VI – The Freaks

howling7We have reached the point that we reach with every franchise — we have reached the point of The Freaks!  A strange drifter heads into a small town.  One of two things can happen.  1) He has a steamy affair with the ladies of the town and erotica novels are created or 2) He is a werewolf tracking a carnival freak show to exact measures of revenge.  There’s only one way to find out what we’re dealing with here.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they make their way through the Freak Show to report back what they saw!  And in some cases, even some extra shit they didn’t see!  Topics of discussion include a cat in the movie (imagine that), the most boring werewolf in the world and freakshows — whether or not they still exist!

HORROR NEWS: A new Child’s Play edition, Saw 8, Evil Dead 2 board game, American Horror Story Season Six, The Dark Tower, Dreadful Reviews, In Tents

Check out Channy Dreadful’s new website,

Support Mr. Universe in the movie In Tents on their gofundme page!




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Episode 202: The Howling V – The Rebirth

howling6Tracking werewolves has taken us all over the world from California to Transylvania, Australia and now we follow the trail to Budapest where a mysterious castle has just been found after 500 years of being hidden. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they join the first guests to the castle in over five centuries.  Something strange is happening at the castle and it’s time to get to the bottom of it — if Jessica can remember the end of the movie.  Other than that, enjoy chatter about murder mysteries, whether or not famous people are more exciting and the worst photographer of all time!!

HORROR NEWS: Outcast, A Night with Annabelle, Shout Factory releasing a 40th anniversary edition of Carrie, Cemetery Dance short story book, John Carpenter and Joe Dante on WTF with Marc Maron, Friday the 13th video game

For more information and to purchase tickets for An Evening with Annabelle, click here.

Listen to WTF with Marc Maron featuring John Carpenter and Joe Dante below!





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Zombie Reckoning 008: The Battle for Teen Angst

You remember that age, right?  When you hated everything and rebelled just for the fact that you can?  Or that time that you did a striptease in the cemetery and ran around naked for a couple of hours with a bunch of teen punks?  That’s what the Zombie Reckoning Podcast is for!  Join Ron and Hammer as they put two horror classics against one another in seven categories and see who comes out on top!  It’s


lost  vs.  return-3



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