Episode 158: Children of the Corn 7 – Revelations

coc7Hey zombies!  After a brief delay we are here to bring you the best and greatest moments of Children of the Corn 7 – Revelations.  Just kidding — that would be a ten minute long podcast, so instead join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they travel to Nebraska once again — this time Omaha — to seek out the adventures of the Children of the Corn.  Discussion about such topics as which of the cast members has been covered on the show before, Jessica’s hatred of handicapped individuals, proper etiquette for off the clock strippers, House of the Dead, CGI corn and much more are discussed in this episode!

HORROR NEWS: Crite action figures, Halloween Horror Nights, Friday the 13th TV series

Check out The Padded Room Podcast!  Seriously, check it out because we owe Darien one!

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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 95



What’s your favorite sub genre of horror? If it is the paranormal, you are in luck this
week! I’ve been busy watching several of the new ghost films including Insidious 3The Gallows and Unfriended.  All three of these movies were produced by Jason Blum and had theatrical releases this year. The Gallows and Unfriended were both geared toward the teen audience but had R ratings. Insidious 3 was geared toward all ages with a PG 13 rating.



Unfriended was surprisingly good. I had heard nothing good about this movie prior to watching it. The plot follows six teenagers and the consequences of their actions after posting an extremely embarrassing video of a classmate online. The young girl, Laura Barns, was a former friend of one of the six teens. After the video was posted, she shot herself in the head in front of her peers. The six kids responsible for the cruel act move on but a year later they are attacked online by someone claiming to be Laura Barns. The entire film takes place in one night over Skype. The friends are on a group call when a 7th person shows up. This profile has no photo and the kids are unable to hang up on this person. At the same time one of the kids begins receiving Facebook messages from the dead girl.

images-3One of the reasons I really liked this movie is that I have long been fascinated by the idea of the dead contacting the living via Facebook. The idea sends chills down my spine. What if someone you knew was dead started messaging you on Facebook? The thing about Facebook is it could be anyone, including a random hacker. However, if they knew things about you that a stranger couldn’t — well that is a horse of a different color. I think anyone could relate to this film as long as they understand social media. If you spend a lot of time online, have ever been a teenager, have lost someone you knew well, or trusted even one person with your secrets, pictures or videos this movie will make your skin crawl! One tip — this is not a movie you can look away from for even one second without missing something.

The Gallows


I was looking forward to The Gallows although once again I had heard nothing positive. Unfortunately, this film was a total fail. I was disappointed and to some degree saddened by it. I loved the trailers with Nirvana cover and references to a few 80s horror movies. I was convinced I would get a creepy ghost story that would scare me with it’s atmosphere and storyline. Instead I got a boring, flat, badly acted mess. The film follows four kids trapped inside of their high school the night before the big play. The play is the same one  that a student was accidentally killed during his performance 20 years prior. One by one, the kids are murdered while trying to escape the killer whom they believe to be the ghost of the long dead student.

images-1The Gallows had multiple problems with the first being lighting. A good portion of the film was shot in the dark using night vision. This was a found footage film so not only was there shaky cam but adding the darkness to that made it virtually impossible to tell what was going on at times. I am all for atmosphere but not when it impedes the viewer’s ability to see what is going on. I didn’t like any of the characters nor did I care about their fate. The motivation for at least three of them sneaking around the school the night before the play was flimsy at best and made zero sense.

It is unfortunate The Gallows turned out so poorly because the story was there and with better actors and better lighting it would been generic but entertaining. Do not pay to see this movie! Lighting your money on fire would be a better idea!

Insidious 3


Insidious 3 was written as a prequel to Insidious: Chapter 1. In this film, we follow 17-year-old Quinn, who lost her mother to cancer several years prior. She believes she has been communicating with her mom and goes to see a medium enter Lin Shaye’s character, Elise. In this film we get both the young girl’s story and the back story on how Elise got her start in the paranormal. We also get some personal background on Elise. As it turns out Quinn has not been in contact with her mom but instead a malevolent spirit of someone that used to live in the same apartment building as Quinn. Elise warns her that when you talk to the dead all of them can hear you. Of course her advice is ignored and eventually Quinn becomes her first case.

2015-08-17-13-12-16--624654143Insidious Chapter 3 had a bigger budget than Unfriended and The Gallows. It also had a better cast of quality, experienced actors. However, what it lacked was a good script. Even good actors cannot turn crap into quality. They did the best with what they had. The story itself was disjointed and predictable. The character’s decisions and reactions to situations often didn’t make much sense. This can be watched as a stand alone film for those who haven’t seen Chapters 1 and 2.  This film is watchable but adds nothing to the existing storylines of the first two movies. (Ed Note: I live in constant fear that this franchise will get another movie thus forcing me to watch them.  I watch enough bad horror as it is. So much that I’ve almost forgotten what good horror is like!)

There is no nudity in any of these movies. There is violence and murder but little gore.


Unfriended … 4 out of 5

The Gallows … 2 out of 5

Insidious Chapter 3 … 2 1/2 out of 5

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Episode 157: Children of the Corn 666 – Isaac Returns

coc6Remember the little kid from the first film that had the irritating voice and kept bossing around the other kids before they turned on him, literally crucified him and fed him to He Who Walks Behind the Rows? Yeah he’s back — and he wrote this one.  Make a return trip to Gatlin with Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they discuss Isaac’s return, horror movie tropes, the last ten minutes of the Children of the Corn films, Super Mario Brothers 2, the screwed up timeline of the film and whether or not killing someone with a machete makes you evil — and more!

HORROR NEWS: Re-remaking A Nightmare on Elm Street, Roddy Piper’s last film and the death of Terrance Evans


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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 94




What if your spouse started changing? He or she becoming someone you no longer recognize physically and/or emotionally. How far would you go to save your loved one?  At what point would you finally give up? This is the question posed in the Eli Roth produced Canadian/American horror movie Clown from 2014.

2015-08-11-09-25-48-690956439The story revolves around Kent, his wife Meg and their son, Jack. A clown is hired to entertain the kids at Jack’s party but there has been a mix up and the clown goes to another party. Kent not wanting his son to be disappointed decides to don a clown suit and wig for the party that he found in the attic of one of the properties he oversees for his job in real estate. Kent falls asleep in the costume and the next day is unable to remove the wig, red nose and suit no matter what he does. He ends up injuring himself multiple times in the process and eventually gives up. Kent is becoming desperate and begins trying to find out where the costume actually came from.

After finding a previous owner he learns that the costume is made from the skin and hair of an ancient demon. As you can probably imagine things go terribly wrong from here. Unlike some clown horror, this film is not a horror comedy. Clown isn’t funny. It is creepy, gory, disturbing and in some respects sad because you never at any point think Kent will find a way back to his old life.

images (22)I would place this in the sub genre of “body horror” with films like Contracted, Bite, and Burying the Ex. Clown is 110 minutes with the first 70 spent developing the story around Kent and his family. There are some extremely gory deaths including those of children that begin in the last 30 minutes. I am usually bothered when a film stuffs all the murders into the end but in this case it worked because the portion of the film where Kent’s story is developed is not boring  The back story of the suit is also given during this portion.

I really enjoyed Clown. I spent most of the movie imagining myself in either Kent’s or Meg’s position and both were totally horrifying. In some ways Kent’s metamorphosis reminded me of someone who is taken over by the drugs or alcohol they are abusing and the deterioration of the relationships with their loved ones, though I am not sure the person who wrote the film meant for it to be that deep. I enjoyed being grossed out with the whole body horror aspect and horrified by the role children play in the film. If you are into clown horror this one is worth a look!


For more Clown Horror check out my collage for suggestions:

Collage 2015-08-11 11_38_37-1-1

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Episode 156: Children of the Corn 5 – Fields of Terror

coc5Just down the road, on the other side of the cornfield is where ol’ Luke Enright lives.  He is a strange fella.  Has a bunch of kids out there working for him.  They have some sort of weird religion. They worship He Who Hides Behind the Clouds or something like that.  I’m sure there’s no harm to it.  Of course there is.  The harm is Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and guest host ChannyDreadful had to sit through this movie.  Join them as they discuss whether or not He Who Walks Behind the Rows can live in Canada, the first transgendered actor covered on the podcast, blow up doll nipples, how many subplots are forgotten and what can destroy He Who Walks Behind the Rows.

HORROR NEWS: Killing a serial killer, Nosferatu remake, Eight more films to die for


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