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Hey kids! This week is something a little different. As I’ve  said many times on the podcast, I am obsessed with t-shirts. I especially love horror tees. In the last few months, I have purchased several tees and a hoodie from three separate companies. I know everyone loves a t-shirt so I will review these companies so my readers know where to get the cool horror and pop culture tees.


First up teeVillian. I first discovered this company on Facebook where they have a large following. Each day one tee design is offered  from an original artist for $11.00 plus $3.00 shipping. Once the 24 hour period up a new design is offered. You cannot order a previous day’s shirt but teeVillian usually posts the artist’s information and website. So you may still be able to get the design you missed for a few dollars more. I have purchased several shirts from this company in the last few months. They are true to size quality shirts. They also generally offer 3 to 4 different colors for each design. Recent designs include: Twisty the Clown, Slender Man and the Cheshire Cat. I highly recommend these shirts which are an awesome value and amazing designs. Sizes offered for both men and women are XS to XXX. Kids sizes are also offered.


Next up is Shirt Punch. I also discovered this company on Facebook. Shirt Punch is similar to teeVillian in that their designs are offered for 24 hours. However, Shirt Punch offers 4 daily designs in both tees and hoodies. The tees are $10.00 each and the hoodies are $19.99. The hoodies especially are an excellent value as some sites charge up to $50.00. These shirts are true to size and are offered in fitted men / women or unisex sizes S to XL. Youth sizes are also available. Recent designs include Scream, Halloween 6, and Power Puff Girls. Occasionally Shirt Punch offers tees as low as 6.99. I love these tees and considering the following they have on their daily Facebook posts I’d say they have many happy customers.

My last company is Fright Rags. I have always wanted to order from this company but they are quite a bit pricier than the previous two. I finally broke down and ordered a hoodie a few weeks ago. I actually went in search of the ugly Jason Christmas sweater which is a sweatshirt. Unfortunately, although it was available for preorder, there were almost no sizes left. As I was about to cry I saw Freddy with kittens and my frown turned upside down! I purchased this design in a hoodie and received a 20% discount for pre ordering. Sadly, this design is now sold out. Never fear for they are currently offering Exorcist III designs as well as beginning November 19th, a limited number of Cannibal Thanksgiving. Don’t wait these designs go quickly!


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Episode 120: Silent Night Deadly Night

silent-night-deadly-nightThe tree is lit. Snow covers the ground.  There is silence in the air on a magical Christmas Eve just waiting for Santa’s arrival. Here he comes with a twinkle in his eye…or a twinkle off his axe?  Ron will open his first Christmas “present” tonight in the form of a mystery guest host provided by Little Miss Horror Nerd. Other topics of discussion include caroling, Linnea Quigley’s boobs, the controversy surrounding Silent Night Deadly Night upon it’s release, Jarts, Colorforms, if a girl who is being raped is being naughty, the impossibility of getting the Mousetrap game to work and Catholicism as horror’s whipping boy.

HORROR NEWS: Fright Rags Christmas tees, Scream TV show update, Peter Straub and Stephen King working on a new Talisman novel







You can find “Wildman” Willis Wheeler at…

The Terror Troop Podcast

NFW Movie Commentaries (linked to the Silent Night Deadly Night episode)

or on his own Wildman Reviews youtube channel!!



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Unleash Hell 45


Mad Monster Party is a 1967 animated film produced by Rankin/Bass for Embassy Pictures. Although less well-known than Rankin/Bass’ holiday specials, it has become a KILLER cult film and one of my faves.


The film was created using Rankin/Bass’ usual Animagic” stop motion animation process. Starring Boris Karloff as Baron Boris von Frankenstein and Phyllis Diller as the Monster’s Mate. This is one Rankin Bass Special NOT TO BE MISSED!

5  7  3  4

While you’re watching my fave film…They just released these amazing masks! WEAR EM AND WATCH! Now you can become THE COUNT, THE BARON, LITTLE TIBIA or THE CREATURE and even FANG! Just slip one of these bad boys over your head and watch out for the transformation! These latex masks are painfully exact and sculpted from many screen captures from the movies characters to create these painstaking 78 likenesses!


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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 67


I don’t know much about Bigfoot, (Ed Note: He beats up people who screw with him and then eats dried meat)  but I  have never been a believer. I also had never seen a film about Bigfoot up until yesterday. I chose Exists because I wanted to try something new and I am a fan of Director Eduardo Sanchez. His most famous film would be The Blair Witch Project. I actually liked two later films of his, Lovely Molly and Altered much more.


Exists opens up with a group of five friends heading to a family member’s cabin in the woods for the weekend. On the way, they hit something with their car.  They find no body of an animal or person — just a little blood. After assuming it’s a deer, they get back on the road. They eventually arrive at the cabin and it’s a filthy mess looking as if no one has used it for years.

Later that night, something or someone comes for them and it’s pissed. I came to a realization about halfway through this movie: Exists is The Blair Witch Project with a Bigfoot instead of a witch. It’s set in the woods with a cast of kids that are stuck out there trying to escape something they have not seen but know is there. In fact there is a lot that goes unseen. I was disappointed in this movie overall. There are deaths, but they are all virtually bloodless. That would have been fine if the atmosphere had been creepier and there had been more suspense. But there wasn’t. In a way it was much like an episode of Scooby Doo in that it was a bunch of kids running from a monster. Though no one ever died in a Scooby Doo episode, that show was very suspenseful compared with this drivel.images-10

There was no horror,  comedy, gore or even tits! It was a hollow mess. I only hung on too see Bigfoot and get my $6.99′s worth. Yes, you do get to see Bigfoot and there is a twist but even those disappoint. Wait til it is on Netflix.




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Episode 119: The Frankenstein Wrap Up Show

frankenstein_legacy_collection_3_discIn the immortal words of Boys II Men, it’s so hard to say goodbye, but we’re going to have to.  It’s that time in the franchise that we bid our final farewells to Frankenstein and all his friends.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they travel through the pop culture history that is Frankenstein.  That includes discussions on The Munsters, Scooby Doo and Franken Berry.  Yeah, it’s one of those shows.  Included in the price of admission — Ten Questions about the Frankenstein franchise with Little Miss Horror Nerd, a big announcement, contest winners and more!

HORROR NEWS: The new book Outcast, a documentary film about The Garbage Pail Kids, Zombie Beavers

Check out the Garbage Pail Kids documentary indiegogo here

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