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I’m back with another book this week! I’ve had the opportunity to read the new horror novel The Turning by Micky Neilson.

The Turning is a contemporary werewolf tale that begins in 1976. Our lead character, Brandon, is working in a small town bar. One night, a crazy old man comes running into the bar, busts into the office and starts yelling at one of the employees, Jon Beckett. The old man seems to know Jon and is angry with him.

Screenshot_2016-08-21-15-31-06-1When Jon doesn’t show up for work his girlfriend becomes worried. Brandon offers to check on him and what he finds is a bloodbath. Whomever killed Jon is still there and Brandon barely escapes with his life.

Unfortunately, he was bitten.

Brandon’s story fast forwards to 2o12 as he is about to board a cruise ship. He’s learned to live with his curse but all hell is about to break loose. I’ll stop there. I hate spoilers.

I enjoyed The Turning. It is a fun,  modern take on a werewolf tale. The introduction alone has blood, guts, and major action! Then there was the setting –werewolves on cruise ships?!! Oh my! I also enjoyed Mr. Neilson’s writing style. If you are lycanthrope obsessed and love to read check out The Turning. It is a fun, fast, frightful read available for $5.99 for Kindle on Amazon.

Get your copy of the e-book or paperback on Amazon now!

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Episode 208: The Ghoulies

ghouliesLeave it to the 1980s to bring us satanic little (sometimes) furry creatures to bite you and your friends’ faces off.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and Clint the Reckless as they gently make their way through the mindfield that is 1985’s The Ghoulies. They will discuss the film’s surprising lack of Ghoulies, the use of little people, hand puppets, when it’s alright to question your boyfriend’s use of Satanic rituals, comparisons to Star Wars, empty death scenes, 3D glasses, Mariska Hargitay and more!

HORROR NEWS: Friday the 13th TV show, Sarah Winchester bipic, Halloween Horror Nights, Ghostbusters

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Episode 207: ONE NIGHT STAND – The Beast Within

beastwithinOut of the pan and into the fire — from werewolves to were-cicadas.  Yes, were-cicadas.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they travel to Mississippi to take a look at 1982’s The Beast Within.  In Tom Holland’s first script we will unravel the mystery of Billy Conners and his ongoing (even after death) feud with the Curwin family that runs the town. A town where anyone can walk in and be part of a murder investigation.  A town where a guy can murder his wife and her lover and not go to jail.  A town where you can still have raw meat delivered to your door.  It is an interesting trip down South, for sure.

HORROR NEWS: Monster cereals, Pumpkinhead remake, Friday the 13th video game

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Episode 206: The Howling Wrap Up

howlingIt’s finally time to wrap up The Howling franchise, approximately 200 weeks after we started it. No more weird werewolf attacks.  No more unemployed drifters.  No more Clive Turner.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd  as they finish up The Howling franchise with the Top Five Deaths, Ten Questions with Jessica, a discussion on whether The Howling franchise enhances or detracts from werewolf lore, merchandise for the franchise and the quality of werewolf movie from the 80s vs. since.

HORROR NEWS: Flatliners remake, Howling werewolf, American Horror Story

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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 120





Are you watching Netflix ‘s new original series Stranger Things? I am! Initially I wasn’t interested as it didn’t sound much like horror to me.

Two things drew me to Stranger Things; Winona and the time period of 1983. Winona is an amazing actress who I saw for the first time in Heathers. I was born in 1972 so I’m attracted to all things 80s at this point in life. The 80s are soothing to me in their simplicity in this turbulent, over stimulating decade we are currently living in.

2bd551c26bb8c5259f8c19ff2bd1fb37Stranger Things is set in the fictional small town of Hawkins, Indiana in 1983. The central storyline follows three young preteen boys, their neighbors and families in the aftermath of the disappearance of their friend, Will. There are many layers to the story of what happened to Will and why.

I’m currently on Episode 4 and it’s hard to believe this multi-layered tale can be wrapped up in just eight episodes. With elements of E.T. , Poltergeist, and Carrie with a dab of IT and dash of Monster Squad, this show is at once touching and creepy. It’s a mystery, a coming of age tale, and a horror story all wrapped in one. There are monsters — both human and supernatural.

At the heart of the show you’ve got four little boys and a little girl to root for. They are the good guys. Truth be told, whether you binge watch Stranger Things or watch over the course of several weeks, this is a show you can re-watch. You will discover new things whether it be a prop, a line or a song you missed because of how intricately this show was constructed.


I’m probably gushing so I’ll leave you with some show trivia.

— The series is set in Indiana but filmed at studios in Atlanta as well as some nearby small Georgia towns.

— The majority of the set decor was mined from local estate sales  at homes for which the contents were all vintage 70s and 80s.

— According to the show’s prop master, much research was done to get the Dungeons and Dragons aspect right. This research included visiting with a group that meets in present day to play this game.

If you are like me and have a permanent hankering for the 80s, are a horror/Sci fi fan, or just looking for a good show to watch this is it!

One last thing… The soundtrack is amazing. The Playlist is available on the  Spotify app!




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