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I know I am late to the party but for this week’s blog, I watched Haute Tension directed by Alexandre Aja and released in 2005.

images-4This oldie (Ed Note: Oldie?  2005? I literally have can good in my cabinet that I bought in 2005) but goodie was sitting on my DVR for awhile so I decided to give it a shot. I am glad I did! One of the first few scenes was the killer masturbating with a severed female head. The scene was so vile it drew me in.

The film revolves around two college friends, Alexa and Marie who vacation at Alexa’s parent’s farmhouse for the weekend. The girls arrive in the evening and as soon as the family goes to bed, a strange man arrives and begins to murder everyone.images-6

I’ve noticed in American horror films you often have to wait at least 40 minutes for anyone to be murdered. Well the French do not waste any time!  This film was violent from beginning to end. I do appreciate a slow burn, but action is what keeps me glued to the screen.

The version I watched was a mixture of dubbing and subtitles but it didn’t matter. I actually think I could have watched this in French with no subtitles and I would have known exactly what happened because the movie was 90% visual. The movie itself had a very bleak look to it even during the day scenes. The look was similar to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I hated the killer! I was so angry that he was killing everyone and getting away with it. To me, that means Philippe Nahon who played the killer did a great job! He reminded of a mortal version of Michael Myers in his jumpsuit, holding his knife, walking slowly but deliberately. He was terrifying and just despicable. The killer speaks very little during the film so this just adds to his mystique. Though I know absolutely nothing about French music, I thought the music choices lent a lot to mood and atmosphere.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I thought the writers, director and actors got just about everything right. If you love blood and gore and want to be thrilled and chilled, this is the movie for you.



Now I need to watch Inside!


– The movie was shot in Romania for budgetary reasons.

– Alexandre Aja has said the death of Jimmy was modeled after the axe murder in The Shining.

– Alexandre Aja has said the scene where Marie hides from the killer in the gas station bathroom is an homage to the original Maniac.


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Episode 4: Scream Wrap Up Show

scream5In the podcast’s first ever wrap-up show, Ron and Hammer discuss all things Scream!  Topics such as Scream’s place in horror history, when or if they should have stopped making Scream movies, the future of the franchise, Ten questions with Hammer, Rose McGowan vs. Kirsten Dunst and more are discussed!

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Episode 3: Scream 4

Scream 4It’s been a decade and someone has taken their love of horror franchise podcasts too far. Listen to Ron and Hammer as they speak about the film’s possible alternate endings, Dewey’s immortality, stupid horror cops, Sidney as the Angel of Death, the revitalization of the franchise and the implausibility of the killers.

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Episode 2: Scream 3

scream3It’s a dark and stormy night….in Hollywood. As the newest Stab movie is cancelled, one actor at a time, Ron and Hammer are hear to discuss Scream 3 as the weakest movie in the franchise, original scripts and endings, Kevin Williamson’s departure from the franchise and horror icons.

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Episode 1: Scream/Scream 2

ScreamWe are digging deep in the archives to bring you the very first episode of the Resurrection of Zombie 7 podcast!  Ron and Hammer discuss both Scream and Scream 2 because Hammer didn’t think he could talk about a single movie for an hour.  He has been proven wrong for about 108 episodes!  This first two hour show covers a broad range of topics from Rose McGowan’s nipples, to the original cast wanted for the film, horror cliches and favorite haunted house attractions.

Remember it’s episode one with no practice, so the sound quality is not the best and Ron hadn’t learn to edit properly (and wouldn’t for awhile) — so take it easy on us, zombies!  Maybe only eat a few fingers.

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