Episode 150: Alien Wrap Up Show

alienIt’s time to say goodbye to our friends from the Alien franchise.  No more Ripley.  No more Xenomorphs.  No more androids.  Celebrate the podcast’s 150th episode with Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and “Wildman” Willis Wheeler as they talk all things Alien including what they expect from the new films, the Top Five Deaths of the franchise, picking teams to face off against the Xenomorphs, Prometheus‘s strange marketing campaign, superheroes who have faced off with the Xenomorphs and ranking the androids!

HORROR NEWS: Fright Night documentary kickstarter, Paranormal Activity video game, game show, Hellevator


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alienFrom the Alien portion of The Great Movie Ride at Walt Disney World
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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 88




It is not very often that I find a horror film AND it’s sequel that blow me away! I am not a zombie fan. I also do not like war movies in general — which is why I was completely thrown off by how much I LOVED these two films.

Dead Snow is a Norwegian zombie film directed by Tommy Wirkola released in 2009. The sequel directed by the same person was released in 2014.

images-2 (1)The first film follows a group of seven medical students who go snowmobiling in the mountains of Norway. The film opens with a young lady running through the snow to escape someone or something. She doesn’t make it. In the next scene we meet a group of students on their way to the mountains for Easter vacation. The first night they are there a stranger knocks on their door and proceeds to issue a warning about the area they are staying in. He explains that during WWII Hitler sent Colonel Herzog and his soldiers on a mission to this region.

images-6 (1)During their time there, Nazi soldiers tortured and killed many locals. The soldiers realized Germany was losing toward the end of the war so they decide to loot all the townspeople of their valuables before they left. Unfortunately for them, the townspeople staged an ambush and killed many of the soldiers. Herzog and any surviving soldiers were chased into the mountains where it was assumed that they all froze to death. The stranger makes it clear to the kids that these parts are cursed and they should be on alert. Later that night the kids meet the monsters stalking these mountains and it does not go well!

images-5 (2)Dead vs Red picks up right where the previous film left off. In this film, the story of these monsters, the WWII Nazi soldiers, is expanded upon. At the same time there are humans looking to destroy them once and for all. I’ll stop here because I not do spoilers and these films are too crazy to explain.

When I think of a zombie, I think of the traditional variety. Zombies are slow, lumbering, mute, and useless. Their whole life consists of trying to eat the living which sometimes kills and sometimes results in another zombie. Zombies don’t run, think, or speak. They have no special powers and if you are bitten by one you become one. These zombies are different! They punch A LOT. They stab. They kick. They stomp. They drive tanks. Their bites don’t turn you — though they do bite. These zombies have a mission or purpose beyond eating people.

images-3 (1)

The Dead Snow Nazi Zombies are based on the draugar, an undead creature from Norse mythology which is a subset of Germanic mythology.
Draugar live in graves guarding treasures buried with them. Draugar are animated corpses and have retained similar abilities to those they had in life. While these creatures are most assuredly dead, decaying and a general mess, they possess more human qualities than your traditional zombie. They also seem to decay much slower than traditional zombies.

images-8 (1)These films on top of being the most fun I’ve had in a long time, have informed me about the draugar of which I previously had no knowledge.  I also have to note that the monster  makeup in both films was exceptional.

The first film while having plenty of comedy elements, was more low key, darker, and took around 30 minutes for the action to begin. That doesn’t stop the film from being an amazing, hilarious, eye popping adventure. There is plenty of guts and gobs of blood, sex in an outhouse (yuck!) , and action. These kids could not catch a break!

Red vs Dead ramps up the action, campiness  and gore while somehow also giving you characters whom you like and root for.This time around there is limb switching, kid murdering, Catholic church defiling, priest murdering, zombie vomit, dead Russians and more! If you are not offended by murdering, Nazi zombie soldiers or any of the other equally awful and disturbing things I mentioned check these movies out. They are currently streaming on Netflix.


Dead Snow - 4 out of 5

Red vs. Dead - 5 out of 5

I thought my readers may enjoy this article I found online regarding zombie lore and pop culture.  Check it out here!

Dead Snow trailer…


Red vs. Dead trailer…


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Episode 149: Prometheus

PrometheusposterfixedLet’s go back in time in the future.  Set a few decades before the seminal movie in the Alien franchise, Prometheus is part Alien prequel/part special effects grand wizardry. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they take a look at the 2012 release including continuity errors within the movie itself and the franchise, lack of likable characters in the film, extraneous shots, Charlize Theron naked, the benefits of casual sex, dinosaur versions of Xenomorphs, Nazca lines and even what could be done with an abortion machine!

HORROR NEWS: RIP Christopher Lee, Halloween Returns, shudder.com, Freddy vs Jason at Halloween Horror Nights

images (20)


Sir Christopher Lee


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Episode 148: Alien Resurrection

resurrectionIt’s time for the fourth film in the Alien franchise.  We have been deserted on a ship, fought off an onslaught on a planet and fought our way through a prison full of molten lead.  Seriously, what’s left to do?  Be resurrected, give birth to an alien queen, then have have sex with that queen to make a mongoloid alien hybrid, then kill the hybrid.  It gets even weirder than that.  If you like arguing, this is the podcast for you!  Clint the Reckless joins the show to act as “movie advocate” and moderator between Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they attempt to disembowel one another with opposing views of the film. Learn the differences between the theatrical cut and the special edition, how close this movie came to being without Sigourney Weaver and the color of Little Miss Horror Nerd’s pubes — all on the same show!

HORROR NEWS: The Dark Tower revived, RIP Betsy Palmer and Joel McHale cast in X-Files








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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 87





In just a few weeks the MTV TV series Scream, based on the movies (Editors Note: allegedly) will debut.


I am personally not hopeful that this show will be a quality incarnation of the film franchise. I will be giving the premier episode an hour of my time. Curiosity killed the cat! In anticipation of this premiere, I decided to review the Scream movies and choose my ten favorite death scenes. Here they are in no particular order:




Scream / Stu – I’m am fan of this character as well as his death. Stu wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer as we learn by the end of the film. He was bumbling and silly and one of the happiest murderers I have ever come across in a horror movie. It is suiting then that Stu met his end when Sidney dropped a large television on his head! Oh how I love the TV smashed over the head death which also appears in Halloween (2007) and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.


images-5 (1)


Scream / Tatum – Poor Tatum! She makes it through most of the movie only to murdered on a beer run. This is one of the more creative deaths in the franchise.  After being slashed and chased around the garage she decides to try and escape through the doggie door. Unfortunately, while she is in the midst of this Ghostface raises the garage door smashing her head in the process. Rose McGowan learned she could actually fit through a doggie door while filming this scene.




Scream / Casey – In what has to be one of the most iconic death scenes in a horror movie, Drew Barrymore is murdered in the first 15 minutes of this film. After Ghostface murders her boyfriend in front of her, he chases her around her house. Casey is eventually stabbed repeatedly in her yard. She is then hung,  disemboweled, from a tree for her parents to find. Drew was originally cast as Sidney but insisted she play Casey so viewers would be shaken by her death and believe anything could happen through the rest of the movie.


Scream 2 / Randy – Oh so sad. Our loveable Randy. He knows the rules better than anyone yet he is murdered in part 2! He was grabbed by Ghostface, dragged into a van and butchered off screen. Although not particularly creative, this was a creepy scene. One of main characters murdered in broad daylight! I was surprised Randy was gone so soon. I’m pretty sure Jamie Kennedy was also surprised and at this point probably pissed since the other mains have lived through four films.


images-4 (1)


Scream 2 / Maureen – Good old Maureen didn’t know her boyfriend had already been murdered in the bathroom. While watching the movie Stab, someone in a Ghostface costume stabs her. The theater is packed with Ghostfaces so the real one leads Maureen to the front of the theater unnoticed where she dies in front of the movie screen.


Scream 3 / Roman – The death of a Ghostface.  I enjoyed the scene where once again Sidney is the heroine and takes down at least one of the killers. Sidney and Roman take turns trying to murder one another once the cat is out of the bag and we learn Roman is the bad guy. She finally manages to stab him multiple times including a good one to the chest. Of course she turns her back and Roman hops up and prepares to run at her with a knife. Dewey has to come to the rescue — kind of. He shoots Roman several times which does nothing until finally Gale and Sidney suggest a shot to the head. Wow — was Roman on PCP?!




Scream 3 / Jennifer – Poor Jennifer just wanted a movie career. Apparently, acting gigs can be deadly. She is cast as Gale Weathers in Stab 3 (the movie within the movie). However, there is a real killer and they mean business! Everyone cast in Stab 3 starts getting murdered on the set and Jennifer is no exception. After seeing Ghostface go after Tyson, she makes her attempt at escape. She winds up on the wrong side of two way mirror with Ghostface right behind her. She can see Gale and Dewey but they cannot see her and begins beating on the mirror. Dewey shoots at the mirror and Jennifer ‘s body finally crashes through but it’s too late!


Scream 4 / Jill – Jill is such an unlikely killer. I’m not sure I thought her motive for murdering all her friends made much sense but hey maybe she is just nuts!
I am sucker for murders that are committed using unconventional weapons and her death qualified. She thought she had the upper hand after killing most everyone but Dewey, Gale, and Sidney. Unfortunately, she was a little too confident. While trying to murder the few people left, she was taken down by Sidney via defibrillator paddles. Not quite dead, she popped back up and was shot by Sidney.




Scream 4 / Rebecca – Sidney’s agent, Rebecca, met a dramatic end. Perhaps it suited her since she was a self absorbed bitch. After being fired by Sidney, she gets a call from the killer while walking through a parking garage. She makes a valiant attempt to save herself, but is stabbed while trying to exit the garage. Her body is then tossed onto the street landing on the news van in the midst of Dewey explaining to a bunch of reporters that the situation with the murders is “under control”. Um, I don’t think so…


Scream 4 – Deputies Hoss and Perkins
What good are the cops in horror films if they are always getting murdered? ! These bumbling fools cannot protect us if they are dead! While the deaths of Hoss and Perkins are not the most creative, they are comical. In less than a minute (I timed it), Ghostface has quickly dispatched them both. Perkins who was stabbed in the forehead spends his last seconds swiping at the air and cursing. Thanks for making us feel so safe!


There you have it. Ten of my favorite Scream death scenes. I’d love to hear your favorites. Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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