Episode 104: Saw 3D

Saw_3D_FinalThe Saw franchise is coming to an end and the police department of Washington DC could not be happier. Of course, they are all dead now so this is a moot point. Join Ron, Clint the Reckless and the Uncontrollable Willis Wheeler as they make their way through the final film (for now) in the Saw franchise and try to make some sense out of the millions of flashbacks and the endgames for Detective Hoffman and Jill Tuck. Little Miss Horror Nerd joins the show for a bout of horror news, as well! Topics discussed include the Saw franchises use of every trick in the book in order to confuse their viewers, what happens when you produce a record like Minutes to Midnight, Willis’ whereabouts during some of the Jigsaw killings, plausibility of the traps and time frames, the uselessness of DC cops, the lack of heroes in the movie, the return of Dr. Gordon, Asian boobies and debunking the Saw/666 myth!

Horror News: Annabelle, Universal Monsters reboots and Sharknado Week on SYFY

Find Willis at Terror Troop and the No Fucking Way Podcast!

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Bonus Episode 06: Night of the Creeps Commentary

creepsHey zombies!  It’s celebration time!  This time we are celebrating the second birthday of The Resurrection of Zombie 7 Podcast!  We are going through our Terrible Twos by providing the zombies with a commentary to the 1986 Fred Dekker classic Night of the Creeps!  Join Ron and Clint the Reckless as they take Little Miss Horror Nerd to the prom! Oh yeah, Tom Atkins, European Rusty, zombie fraternity boys, leeches, a zombie axe murderer, midget space aliens and a unibrow might come along for the ride.  Enjoy an extra bonus episode this week’s — this round is on us!

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Episode 103: Saw VI

saw 6Jigsaw is dead but that hasn’t stopped the Jigsaw killers as a team of killers have now taken to fulfilling John Kramer’s final wishes.  This includes taking hostage an entire insurance company and randomly killing them.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and guest host Jay of the Dead as they break down Saw VI including the worst security company of all time, plotholes, the use of returning but dead characters, plausibility of the traps and whether or not Jigsaw’s message is now muddled.

Replacing Horror News, Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd interview Gene DeRosa, the author of 6-13: A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book!


Order 6-13: A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book from the website! (NOTE: Use the coupon code “zombie7″ to receive 15% off the cover price)

The book is also available on Amazon.


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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 51


Die Die Delta Pi Whodunit?


This week I had the chance to watch the independent horror film Die Die Delta Pi directed by Sean Donahue and Christopher Leto, which has not yet been released.

Once upon a time, in what is generally the most deserted college I have ever seen a sorority prank ends in death! Set in the 80s for the first 20-30 minutes, the story revolves around a sorority prank gone wrong. A bunch of girls are sitting around a fire and one of them sprays silly string on another. That damn silly string is flammable and the girl it was sprayed on catches fire!

images-9Someone goes on a killing spree later that night and kills all the kids at the sorority. Who could the murderer be? I don’t do spoilers, so I won’t tell you but it is pretty easy to figure out. Fast forward 30 years and there are a new group of kids being slaughtered and the murders are connected to those from the 80s. 

As a low budget horror comedy, this is a silly movie. To the guys out there, there are plenty of bare boobies for you to drool over. In the first ten minutes of the movie, there is a female who has a conversation with two others while totally nude. Yes! You can see her vagina! There is also plenty of stupid humor to go around as well. I laughed my ass off at one of the guys being called pencil dick. I never said I was a mature 41 year old!

2014-07-16-12-30-17-272299302Although this was a low budget film and some of kills were pretty unrealistic, I admired their originality. A teacher was strangled with a zip tie. A sorority sister had her face placed against a grill and when she was pulled back her face was glowing from the inside out. In my personal favorite, the killer, who is holding a knife, grabs a student, holds him down and forces a bunch of pills down his throat. The student immediately foams at the mouth and dies. Huh? This was fun little 80s throwback slasher. Oh, and the killer looks like Alice Cooper!


Check out the Facebook book page to find out how to rent or own this movie. 


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Unleash Hell 32




Shaker Maker was a KILLER toy that you made figures with. You would mix water and powder in a shaker and after turning the shaker, the mixture would flow into the moulds inside the shaker. I remember it was pretty fast but it would take a few days for it to completely harden.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy fave was the Hairy Bunch! This kit was soooooo Cool! I made hundreds of them, I’m sure! I used to give them to my friends and also convince them to buy a box set as well! I swear I was the cause for Ideal’s Shaker Maker’s success! LOL! They were the bomb to my kid eyes! You could paint them creepy colors and also use glow in the dark paint as well! LOVED IT!!! Creepy hair and glow paint! It just didn’t get much better than that!

The box graphics were enough to convince me that this toy was the best thing ever! I loved these monster graphics growing up! Still do! Im a sucker for glow in the dark stuff and great graphics! Look at that kid on the cover beckoning you to buy this kit and shake up some monsters, and with the Haunted House in the background that was enough to clinch the deal!

There was even a scary Bugglies kit and a Scooby kit as well as Batman and Lone Ranger etc,. Shaker Maker was invented in the 1970s by IDEAL. In the 1990s and the 2000s there were two relaunches of Shaker Maker but sadly they didn’t do so well.

5  8  6  4

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