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Disney Honeymoon 692


After the blood, guts and gore of Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, if you thought Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was going to be much tamer — you’d be right!  It’s a different, but fun sort of an add on to your theme park ticket.

Disney Honeymoon 653At the bewitching hour of 7, the Magic Kingdom closes for those not so lucky to have a ticket to the party.  While the party is going on, a fraction of the regular populous of the Magic Kingdom has free reign over around 80% of the attractions that are still open for the event.

The Ghost Host of Haunted Mansion fame takes over the park designating it time for the festivities to begin.  The entire park’s lighting scheme changes and Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party begins.

For the most part, the party lived up to it’s name of not being so scary, but more Halloween themed without the blood and gore. I understand horror fans reading this may think that’s blasphemous, but as I’ve said on the podcast several times, I don’t understand the correlation that everything Halloween has to be about bloody body parts. The scariest thing about the Halloween party were the cast members (for those uninitiated, that’s what Disney calls it’s employees).  To ensure no one stayed in the park without the proper wrist bands, cast members literally form a human line in each area and take slow steps in unison. If you have a band, you can pass.  If you do not, you can not pass and eventually the line would lead you out of the park. Effective, but still kind of a scary visual.

Perks of the Halloween party are numerous.


1. There are a bunch of characters meet and greets exclusive to the Halloween party.  It’s the best time to get pictures with a lot of the villains as naturally, this is their time to shine.  The two most popular meet and greets that only come out for the Halloween party are the chance to meet Jack Skellington and his girl, Sally and the change to get your picture taken with all seven dwarves at once!  My main goal at the party was to get in line for Skellington as I had heard the line to meet him and his lady had reached upwards of three hours in the past.  We got in line at six (with the party starting at seven) and lucky for us, it started raining.  I know that doesn’t sound lucky, but the good folks at Disney didn’t want us standing all night in the rain, so they let us start chumming it up with the Pumpkin King an hour early — of course, assuming you had the add-on wrist band.

2. The Halloween party brings with it, it’s own set of merchandise because no one knows how to get your money better than Disney.  One of the most sought after pieces is actually free. Disney World has it’s own card game (Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom) that you can collect cards for and play for free. While supplies last, you can get a special Halloween themed card for the game that is only available for those attending the party. Not that I would sell mine, but those suckers go for about $50 on the secondary market.

Disney Honeymoon 663This year the Halloween party we attended saw the grand opening of a merchandise store next to the Haunted Mansion that sold exclusive Haunted Mansion merchandise. It took a lot more willpower than I thought I had to not drop a quick hundred in that place.

3. Many attractions are still open.  With a fraction of the people in the park as normal and many of them doing various other activities, attractions lines are next to nothing.

4. Trick-or-Treating! Regardless of age and whether or not you are wearing a costume, you get to trick-or-treat all night long in the Magic Kingdom. They even provide the bag.  It’s normal candy — not everything has Mickey ears

MNSSHP_ENTR1_7069819249For spectacle buffs, the Halloween party has it’s own version of the nightly fireworks show above the castle with a villainous theme as well as it’s own castle show with a good number of villains. The biggest spectacle of all may be the “Boo to You” parade.  If you click the video below, I warn you that you will have the song stuck in your head for literally days. The “Boo to You” parade not only begins with the Headless Horseman running through the park but it almost unanimously considered the best parade for any event all year.  The parade forgoes the typical princesses and Disney characters (with the exception of one float which has Mickey and company in Halloween costumes) to highlight areas such as the Haunted Mansion with it’s hitchhiking ghosts, the awesome gravediggers and the graveyard caretaker from the world famous attraction. Again, villains are highlighted.  Even the bears from the Country Bear Jamboree get in on the act.  This is the only time some of these characters get dusted off for the entire year.

There are characters aplenty about the park.  You can’t seem to go twenty feet without running into them.  We came very close to literally walking into Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck and Goofy (all in Halloween costume) as they made their way out of some dark corner.

iphone pics 341  iphone pics 406  iphone pics 384

The thing I don’t seem to understand about these events (and Disney is bad about this all the time) are the “dance parties.”  Perhaps they are popular with kids?  I tend to avoid those events, though I had read about a “dance party” I wanted to check out in one of the rarely used buildings in Frontierland.  Club Villains opened up at the beginning of the party and it was a DJ led dance club (complete with graffiti styled villains portraits) with various villains dancing around the place. It was as I suspected.  The villains danced (most noteably the wicked stepmother and stepsisters from Cinderella) while everyone else just sort of stood around because most people don’t know how to dance.

MNSSHP_ENTR1_7069815823  MNSSHP_MAGICHHGHOST_7063215525  Disney Honeymoon 659

Toss in extras such as the Halloween mood lighting all around the park, turning the Dapper Dans (a barbershop quartet) into the Cadaver Dans and bonuses like the very entertaining ghosts that hang out in front of the Haunted Mansion for just his occasion and it makes for a fun, if not-so-scary evening. If you’re at the Magic Kingdom and you have the $45 to blow on the add-on, I would most definitely suggest it!


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Unleash Hell 42




This is considered to be one of the Holy Grails of Monster collecting. It features all the favorites: Dracula, Frankenstein and more classics like Revenge of Frankenstein. Turn the handle and watch the figures come to life!

5I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I never had one, but would have freaked to own it! I remember all the flicker movies at the amusement park my dad would take me to. He would hold me up and drop in a dime and I would turn the crank and the movie would move inside the machine by flicking the cards.

So Great! It doesn’t get any better than this killer home version! WOW! All the monster movies right in your hand at home! This was back in the day when you needed a projector or waited for them to come on TV and thought about them all day while thumbing through magazines! TOO COOL!


3  8  6 7

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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 63




In honor of the approaching holiday of Halloween, I will rank the sexy killer costumes. As I did my research for this blog, I found six costumes including sexy Freddy which is the one I purchased. After opening and trying on the Freddy costume, I have decided that these are not costumes. They are basically lingerie for horror fans. Maybe I should wear mine to a horror convention. I wonder what would happen. (ED Note: You’d be one of two dozen girls wearing a Sexy Freddy outfit)


6. Michael Myers Date by Paper Magic – Of the six costumes, I discovered this is my least favorite. The blue jumpsuit that is this costume is obviously mimicking the blue gas station jumpsuit that Michael Myers wears in the films. This is a one piece costume and it includes no accessories.  Even the bloody knife the model is holding is not included. Since this is an officially licensed Halloween franchise costume they might have at least included a plastic knife or mask. There is a Halloween screen print on the back of the jumpsuit which is the only way anyone will even know which movie you are from. This costume is not a good value and pretty lame.


5. Sexy Chucky by Rubie’s Costume – The sexy Chucky costume sounds cute in theory but the costume doesn’t work. Once again, I’d be hard pressed to believe anyone other a horror fan would know who you are and even that is a stretch. The costume itself includes a half shirt, jumper and thigh highs. With the exception of the thighs it just looks like a grown woman decided to wear a baby’s clothes. The costume is available on Amazon and the single review said the costume is poor quality. Last but not least, the model is shown holding an ax. I do not recall Chucky murdering anyone with an ax but even if he had it wasn’t his weapon of choice.

4. Miss Leatherface by Rubie’s Costume – This costume includes a shirt, dress, and chainsaw purse, whatever that is. The single reviewer states the chainsaw purse is made of styrofoam so she used her own chainsaw. How bizarre! A purse made of styrofoam? The reviewer also said she wore this costume to a horror convention and other fans knew who she was. However, without a chainsaw I doubt they would have.

3. Sexy Miss Voorhees by Rubie’s Costume – This costume includes the hockey jersey mini dress and the Jason mask purse. This was not the costume I bought but based on reviews the quality is good. The knife the model is holding is not included but even without it others will know who you are or least which franchise you are from. Of the previous three costumes, this is the cutest.


2. Women’s Scream Costume  by Fun World – The Scream costume comes in a black gown or short dress with a hood on it and includes the Ghostface mask.  I like this costume because other than my number one, it is the most recognizable. It also appears to be much more comfortable. Halloween night tends to be chilly and this costume has a bit more coverage but you can still be cute in it.

sexy freddy

1. Sexy Miss Krueger by Rubie’s Costume – Even non-horror fans know the claw and the sweater. The outfit includes the claw, hat, and a slashed up red and green sweater dress. The fedora hat and claw are both decent quality. The claw is for the right hand and I could do virtually nothing with my hand while wearing it. The fedora was a little large but stays on. The dress is a mess. While I love how it looks it is already falling apart and is obscenely short. If you wear this out of your house, you need a bra and thin leggings.

There you have it! My ranking of the Sexy Killer costumes.  Hopefully, it helps you make a decision about your costume.  All six of these are available on Amazon for between $25 and $35 dollars.


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Episode 115: The Son of Frankenstein

sonWhat’s worse than having a nagging bride?  How about a snot-nosed little kid!  It’s not what you think and Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd are here to explain to you the ins and outs and happenings in the town of Frankenstein as they tackle the 1939 Son of Frankenstein!  During the course of the movie important topics will be discussed such as how people had sex back in the old times, Frankenstein’s regression back into silence, donkey punches and their various uses, the annoyance of the a child in Frankenstein movies and Universal’s struggles with horror movies leading up to the release of Son of Frankenstein!

Horror News: 13 Days of Elvira, blaming horror for real life murder and the return of Twin Peaks

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Episode 114: The Bride of Frankenstein

brideWhat would you do if you could make the perfect woman?  Would you make her silent and have a constant pursed lips look?  Of course you would and so would Dr. Frankenstein!  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they take a look at the film that would bring Frankenstein’s Monster a love interest…sort of.  During the episode, things discussed include making the perfect woman, whether talking ruins the aura of the Monster, the Monster as a degenerate and whether or not the Bride of Frankenstein can do better.

HORROR NEWS: Krispy Kreme Halloween Donuts, I Spit On Your Grave sequel

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