Episode 192: House II – The Second Story

house3Are you ready for House 2?  Sounds simple enough, but pack your sword, your shotgun and your dinosaur repellent because it’s going to be a lot harder than you might think.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they search for the crystal skull that will make all the difference.  Along the way, they will pick up 170 year old men, caterpuppies, Teradactyl babies and maybe even Aztec virgins. True story.  Topics discussed include what to do if your name is Ralph Macchio, why rotten tomatoes is rotten and Amy Yasbeck’s nipples!  What could possibly go wrong?!

HORROR NEWS: IT remake, cast of Twin Peaks revival, Lionsgate goes steam, Psycho house reproduction,


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Bonus Episode 012: Interview with Lisa Wilcox

lisaYou are going to be happy little zombies!  Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd managed to convince the lovely Lisa Wilcox — whom you know better as Alice Johnson from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise — into coming onto the show to talk about a variety of topics including Alice’s place in the Elm Street mythology, Alice growing as a character, the grossest things she had to do on set, Fear Clinic, her episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Alice in the corporate world and most importantly, Alice lives!



abgtalice2       alice2

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Episode 191: House

houseYou know the abandoned house down the street that has been dilapidated for some time and you dare your friends to go into the house but deep down everyone is afraid to?  This is nothing like that house.  This is a nice looking, multistory Victorian home with a swimming pool in the backyard.  Sure, there are monsters in the closet and the medicine cabinet leads to another dimension, but that’s to be expected in some of these old houses.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they tour 1986’s House with all it’s nooks and hooks and crooks.  From flapping dead fish to latex monsters, everything is discussed including the movie’s lack of humor, how to properly kill a werewolf and when Little Miss Horror Nerd has her period.

HORROR NEWS: Deadly Possessions, The Mist TV Show

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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 113




This week I had the chance to watch the low budget zombie flick Trail of Blood: On the Trail (2015).

The story revolves around a couple, Brad and Ava. Brad has taken Ava to a weekend getaway at a rustic hotel to propose. The movie opens with the couple on a bike trail. Ava wants to go back to the hotel to the spa but Brad convinces her to ride along the trail with him. His plan is to propose to her when they reach the end of the trail.

As far as plots go that is about the size of it. The backdrop for this is that all along the trail other guests are being bitten by zombies and immediately turning into zombies themselves. The couple is completely oblivious to this zombie outbreak until they reach their destination. They then spend the remainder of the film fighting off the zombies.

Screenshot_2016-04-13-13-14-41-1I’ll stop here although there is really not much to spoil. I’ll begin with what I liked about this film even though it isn’t much. The film is set in one location — a wooded bike trail. The cinematography was exceptional especially given the budget. I also thought the sound quality was good and I watched this on my iPad. Unfortunately these two positives were all but ruined when the film moves to a dark tunnel for the last 40 minutes. Some of the zombie effects which were practical were also above par for low budget.

I’ll now get to what I did not like. The writing on this film was poor and that is being generous. It’s a bike ride with zombies biting people in the background. There is zero character development even with the two main characters. They are the only characters whose names you learn, yet this movie had a bigger cast than any movie I’ve ever seen. All but three characters are zombies. The climax, if it can be called that, was shot in that tunnel. This was unbelievably bad decision. Unfortunately, unless there was a light being shined directly on the action it was difficult if not impossible at times to make out what was happening.

After a movie about nothing and a climax I could barely see, the ending was infuriating and not in a good way. This is not a good film. However, the quality has not got anything to do with budget and everything to do with bad writing. There are plenty of low budget films that are no frills, shot in one location, with few actors that are well written. I can think of two you may want to check out: Hush (2016) and Last Shift (2014), both of which are streaming on Netflix.

I’d skip this mess.

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Episode 190: ONE NIGHT STAND – The Final Girls

finalgirlsThis week we are having a one night stand with the entire slasher genre of the 1980s!  Join Ron and Jessica as they make their way through Camp Bloodbath in the 2015 horror gem, The Final Girls. Topics of discussion include Taissa Farmiga being a modern day Jennifer Love Hewitt, the problems of having the quiet shy girl not be the final girl, Adam DeVine’s acting range, everybody loves Tina and the flammability of alcohol.

HORROR NEWS: Scythe kickstarter, Amityville Theater blu-ray release, Good Guy dolls, Camp Blood Part 2, Wes Craven’s last project

Check out and support the kickstarter for Scythe on this page!

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