Episode 223: Halloween Wrap Up Show

halloween-fThanksgiving may be over and we may be quickly approaching Christmas, but here on the podcast, we’re just now wrapping up Halloween. The franchise, that is. No Michael Myers, alternate continuities or eating of dogs. Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd say goodbye to all of that as they compare Michael Myers with Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, speculate about the future of the franchise and how smart Michael may or may not be. As always for Wrap Up shows, they will pick their top five deaths in the franchise and Ten Questions with Jessica!  Let’s send Halloween off the right way!

HORROR NEWS: Alien: Convenant news, TV shows based on Vampire Chronicles

Checkout the Halloween Trivia Book by Gene DeRosa here.

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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 124







I am back! This time, I come to you with a review of Rob Zombie’s newest movie, 31. I was looking forward to this movie as I’d heard it compared to Devil’s Rejects.

The movie begins on October 31, 1976 and takes place within a span of approximately 15 hours. 31 follows a group of carnival workers on their way to their next gig. At some point along the way after dark they come upon a road block. The group determine it to possibly be some sort of voodoo and hop out of their camper to push it aside.
fa9dd5cad47b0b0988092557154ecb68It’s at this time that masked thugs come out of hiding and kidnap them. They are taken to a secret building where they have 12 hours to survive six assailants in a game called 31.

I’ll stop here to avoid spoilers. 31 does have quite a few similarities to Devil’s Rejects but they are by no means the same film. There is the carnival aspect but it’s just what these characters do. There are clowns but they are non-traditional looking clowns. There is plenty of gore but 31 isn’t nearly as brutal as Devil’s Rejects. 31 was hypersexual compared to Devil’s Rejects. It was full of boobs, shaved vaginas, and had a graphic sex scene. Hell, there was even a character named Sex-head!

6ed5243e402d3c1a1d95e24c2bf55675There were plenty of great actors and, of course, Sheri Moon Zombie. In my opinion, it was Richard Brake who stole this show. (Rob Zombie if you are reading this, Doomhead needs his own movie! He could be your version of Hannibal Lecter)

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t Devil’s Rejects but it was a lot of fun. 31 is an action packed thrill ride full of boobs, blood, guts, vaginas, and the filthiest bathrooms I’ve ever seen in a public place!



Check out 31 on VOD here!

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Episode 222: Halloween Resurrection

resurrectionThe time has come for the last movie in the Halloween franchise and it is a doozy.  Following continuity #2 (out of 3), Halloween Resurrection is a direct sequel to Halloween H2O, which is a direct sequel to Halloween 2, not Halloweens 3, 4, 5 or 6 — you dig?  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and special first time guest Wolfman Josh as they trudge through the shit — both literal and metaphorical to try and make Halloween Resurrection entertaining.  Don’t worry, Busta Rhymes gives his full approval. Topics discussed include the four different endings filmed for the movie, how the movie became the Busta Rhymes show, when characters to too one dimensional even for a slasher and the use of technology (and lack thereof) in horror films.

HORROR NEWS: Ecto Cooler, Hatchet in comic book form, The Deleted, The Crow reboot not happening

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Episode 221: Halloween H20

h20It’s twenty years later and suprise — Laurie Strode is anything but dead!  In fact, she’s cut her hair, had a son and is now the head mistress at a California private school.  What’s Michael Myers been doing for the last twenty years?  Plotting revenge on his sister of course! Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and special guest host Bloody Brodie as they make their way through twenty years of the Halloween franchise discussing which continuity should be followed, how the middle movies of the franchise were almost incorporated into this movie, why Jamie Lee Curtis came back to the franchise and the possibility that this Michael Myers is actually a copycat killer.

HORROR NEWS: Count Chocula wins the monster cereal vote, cast of Stranger Things 2, Slenderman documentary

Check out more from Bloody Brodie at dreadfulreviews.com!!

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Episode 220: Halloween 6 — The Curse of Michael Myers

halloween7We have had no Michael Myers.  We have had emo Michael Myers. We have had retconned Michael Myers — so, what the hell, let’s give the guy a curse as well!  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and Channy Dreadful as they go through Halloween 6 and try to make sense out of the numerous plotholes, a different actress playing Jamie Lloyd, blood that never dries, the Man in Black, a baby named Steven, Paul Rudd, whether or not there are boobs and how things that run on electricity can still be going during a blackout.  Oh yeah, and the production on this film was so troubled, there is a completely different second film that was supposed to be the original theatrical release but didn’t see the light of day for over ten years!  They cover that one, as well.

HORROR NEWS: New Stephen King movie on Netflix, Dark Tower gets pushed back, horror TV props up for auction

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