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This week I have a treat for you! Earlier this week, I attended the world premiere of Jersey Shore Massacre in New York City.  Jenny “JWoww” Farley from MTV’s Jersey Shore was an executive producer on the film.

images (1)This was my first ever movie premiere and I had lots of fun. Everyone I met involved with the film was extremely nice and accommodating. I also had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Ron Jeremy. He was very approachable and very gracious. An all around nice guy who appreciates his fans especially the ladies! (ED Note:  Reports from the event tell me that he also smelled nice)

The story revolves around a group of six “Jersey Girls” who take a trip to the shore for the weekend. When they arrive, they discover there has been a mix up and their house has been rented to some other girls. Teresa, one of the six, offers up her uncle’s cabin in the Pine Barrens. Once there, the girls and a group of fist-pumping Jersey dudes start getting picked off by a mysterious killer.

images-1 (1)

I won’t go any further so as not to spoil anything. This fun, campy horror film was quite entertaining. Maybe more so because I was a big fan of MTVs Jersey Shore and watched every season! In my opinion this movie had all the ingredients to amuse —  stupid humor, cool kills and bare boobs for those boob connoisseurs out there. Let’s not forget the devastatingly stupid cops!  There is even a very clever movie within a movie!

In my opinion, creative and gruesome kills are essential to a successful slasher. Here we had death by tanning bed, a spearing during sex and death by electric sander. Ouch! If you just want to check your brain at the door and be entertained, check out this fun film.


It will be available for purchase on August 26th and VOD platforms this Friday,  August 22nd.

You can pre-order on Amazon



Side note: If you are a Howard Stern fan a few of his regulars have roles in the film.

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Unleash Hell 35


Though the costumes were a flimsy mess, I couldn’t resist a monster costume made of day-glo paints and major FUN! I LOVED these things! I could easily become any creature I wanted! It was fast and it was little to no mess which made my mother super happy! My faves were the Ben Cooper costumes but I never strayed away from the Collegeville costumes either.

18The body of these costumes were made out of a flimsy satin or plastic, the kind that went “whoosh, whoosh” when you walked. On it was a picture of a monster head with the name emblazoned above it in case you didn’t recognize the monster or what movie it was from. The mask—a thin, brittle piece of plastic and day-glo colors—had two eyehole cutouts, two small nose-holes and a slight mouth slit for breathing. Only, it wasn’t easy to breathe when wearing that mask. And the mask would steam up with a massive amount of sweat…..BUT THEY WERE THE BEST THINGS EVER!

Ben Cooper, the son of a restaurant owner who became a costume impresario, didn’t invent the Halloween costume. But he and his company awakened generations of kids to the potential of what Halloween could be.

19  17  1

Halloween night I would run from neighborhood to neighborhood a sweaty ripped up mess as I would usually trip over somebody’s giant rock in their yard and dump my treasures everywhere, but WOW was it FUN! Some of the best of times really! I feel bad for today’s kids that don’t get to experience that!

6One old lady in a creepy old haunted looking house would always welcome me in along my Halloween route! I was scared to death which added to the excitement. I would enter her dark house and follow her down dark and creepy hallways. With my imagination reeling (she looked and sounded like a witch and she wasn’t in costume), finally reaching an amazing smelling old kitchen where she had what seemed like hundreds of cool vintage Halloween bags stuffed with freshly made popcorn balls and plastic spiders, snakes and bats! IT ROCKED MY WORLD!

I LOVED and LOVE these costumes! After Halloween night I would add my costume to the wall of past costumes and eagerly wait for the next year to add to my collection on my wall and live the excitement of wearing these costumes again!

712  2  19

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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 54




Oculus was directed by Mike Flanagan (Absentia) and released to DVD and VOD August 5, 2014.

horror+movies+april+octoberThe story centers around the Russell family of four and moves back and forth between two decades. The family moves into a new home. When they do, they buy an antique mirror which is placed in the father’s office. A tragedy befalls the family and as a result the young son, Tim, is convicted of murder. Ten years later when he is released his sister Kaylie sets out to prove the mirror is responsible for the murder her brother was arrested for as well as many others deaths dating back to the 1700s.

I won’t go further. I don’t do spoilers. I was skeptical about this film as I did not care for Absentia at all . However, I was pleasantly surprised. It seems Mr. Flanagan is improving as a director. I call it an Amityville/Poltergeist hybrid with a dash of Nightmare On Elm Street.

I enjoyed this film and cared about the characters. Kaylie reminded me of Nightmare’s Nancy with her plot to foil and destroy the mirror. I was often left wondering what was real and what was supposed to be in the imagination of the characters.

Maybe the film is supposed to be about a haunted mirror — but is it haunted or are all these people the victims of their own choices or bad luck?  In my opinion the viewer is left to make that decision and I didn’t mind that. I think the director tried to do that same thing in Absentia. He was more successful in Oculus. While I wasn’t frightened by this movie, I was genuinely creeped out at times. If you are looking for tons of gore, action and nudity this isn’t the film for you. It was more of a slow burn. 



I am a fan of Katee Sackhoff  who has been building her Scream Queen resume since she appeared in Halloween Resurrection in 2002. Katee played Marie Russell, the mother. I loved her performance the most. In my opinion, the ending was bleak and I didn’t see it coming.  Overall, I was impressed with the film and am curious to see what the irector will do next. If you like paranormal horror, this one is worth a shot! 


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Episode 106: Return of the Living Dead

rotldWhat crawls about in the night, stumbling and dragging while calling out for “Brains?!”  Yes, Little Miss Horror Nerd on a drunken binge, but also zombies!  At least the zombies from the Return of the Living Dead series! Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and Clint the Reckless as they creep their way through a graveyard full of zombies faster than them so LMHN can dance naked on top of a crypt!  Items discussed include Return of the Living Dead zombies vs. Night of the Living Dead zombies, former naked Miss Americas, LMHN doing the walk of shame, Linnea Quigley’s breasts, how Ron found out he wasn’t gay at a young age, what a nuclear attack on Louisville means for Ron and Clint, zombie midgets and comedy in our horror.

Horror News: Pet Semetary remake, Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s bromance, Leprechaun: Origins, Marilyn Burns



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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 53



Let’s put some closure on the  Saw franchise by talking some cool trivia about the various movies.

1. All the victims who die in Saw are men.

2. Leigh Whannell has said in an interview that he had planned for Adam & Lawrence to be trapped in an elevator instead of a filthy bathroom.

3. In Saw II there were approximately 120,000 needles used to shoot the needle pit scene.

download (2)

4. Shawnee Smith was pregnant during filming of Saw II. She kept it a secret from everyone including directors and producers.

5. The pig bodies in the Judge’s trap in Saw III were made of foam, rubber and latex. They were filled with live maggots. This trap was also Tobin Bell’s favorite of the entire series.


6. The actress who was frozen to death in Saw III wore a mirkin to preserve her modesty.

7. Saw IV is the first movie in the series that was not written by Saw co-creator Leigh Whannell.

8. A coroner was onset at all times for the autopsy scene in Saw IV.

9.  In Saw V in the scene in which Jigsaw’s corpse is lying in a bed you can see s ram’s skull on the nearby shelf. Ram skulls often symbolize Satanism

10.  In Saw V the blades in the guillotine trap are all shapes like a V.


11. In Saw VI the role of Simone was played by Tanedra Howard. She won her role on VH1′s Reality Show Scream Queens.

12. The carousel trap in Saw VI originally had ten victims on. It was changed to six to match the film’s title.

13. Saw 3D is the only film in the series that has a trap that is outside and takes place during the day.

14. Twenty-five gallons of fake blood was used in Saw 3D.

15. Four hundred extras were cast for the department store trap in Saw 3D.


16. If you were to watch all the films in the Saw series it would take you 666 minutes.

17. During the filming of her scenes in Saw, Shawnee Smith had the flu along with 104 fever.

18. When Shawnee Smith cut open her cell mate in Saw and fished around in his stomach his insides were actually pig guts.

19. In Saw II, Henry Rollins was originally cast to play Xavier but had to be replaced for scheduling conflicts.

20. In preparation for Saw III, Shawnee Smith and Tobin Bell spent several weeks getting to know one another so their on-screen relationship would seem real.


Ok kids! There you have it. Hopefully you have learned something!  As an extra added bonus, here is the short that Leigh Whannell and James Wan filmed in order to enhance the sale of the movie, starring Whannell and directed by Wan.

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