Episode 242: The Omen IV – The Awakening

omen5It’s time for the Awakening!  What needs to be awoken is anyone’s guess. Damien Thorn has been killed but ten years later, a new evil finds it’s way into an orphanage and waits to take over the world!  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and resident Omen expert, Hammer as they take on this made-for-TV 1991 add-on to the Omen franchise!  Delia takes the place of Damien and tries her hand at school bullies, psychic fairs, merry-go-rounds and even babysitting. Learn the things Hammer won’t throw away because of money, learn what Jessica actually thinks slow motion is, caterpuppy vs. puppypillar and also — snake worshipping!  What else do you need?!

HORROR NEWS: Scream Queens cancelled, death of Gloria Charles, That

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Episode 240: The Omen III – The Final Conflict

omen4Welcome to the Final Conflict — which is happening in the third movie of a four movie franchise!  Grab your seats and your Satan and/or Christ pennants and root for your favorite!  The Battle of Armageddon is upon us, so let’s take you to our announcers for the event, Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and guest host Hammer! If you had pictured the Battle of Armageddon in your head as some apocalyptic, winner takes all battle amongst the largest armies that have ever been seen on Earth — you’re likely to be disappointed. Think more along the lines of secret infanticide, ass rape and bumbling priests because that’s what you’re getting.  For the record, “bumbling” is not a strong enough adjective for these priests.  If you’ve ever wondered what happens in the alley outside of Jessica’s apartment, whether or not God can make a baby into a full grown man and how many animals Damien can control — this podcast is the one for you!!

HORROR NEWS:  Elisa Lam documentary. Vampire themed restaurant, Alice Sweet Alice remake,

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Episode 239: Damien – The Omen 2

omen2More time has passed in the saga of the Antichrist, Damien Thorn. Now a preteen Damien must come to terms with who he is and lead all these pop up Satan worshippers to the promised land.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and guest host Hammer as they explore the world of Damien: The Omen 2.  This is a world void of black rottweilers but populated by ravens; a world of Final Destination quality deaths but also Force Chokes; a world where Lance Henriksen barely gets screen time but is, of course, a Satanist. Fighting through many technical difficulties, the crew talks about the directors thoughts on certain scenes, whether or not Damien is behind the rash of deaths, business propaganda in horror films and how to tell if your child is the son of Satan.

HORROR NEWS: Mick Garris podcast, Leslie Vernon prequel/sequel comics, death of Jay Lynch, new Monopoly pieces, upcoming Stephen King movies

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Episode 238: The Omen

omenJust when you’ve become comfortable living in a world without the Antichrist, some corrupt priest find a jackal and we’re right back where we started.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and Clint the Reckless as they start a new franchise! This time they’ll look at the Antichrist himself in the classic horror film, The Omen.  Topics of discussion include baboon behinds, lack of scare from the black dogs, the creativity of the death scenes, the maligned picture trope and tons of bad jokes!  Just like any other episode!

HORROR NEWS: Wishmaster collection, Stephen King/Owen King collaboration, Mindhunter Netflix series

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Episode 237: ONE NIGHT STAND Kids Horror 2 – Goosebumps/Ernest Scared Stupid

kids horrorTime to go back to the stone ages and try to remember when we were kids to properly judge horror based movies that appeal to kids.  Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd are joined by Channy Dreadful to talk about a recent horror movies for kids (Goosebumps) and one from the days of yore (Ernest Scared Stupid). In this mostly PG13 episode, items discussed include RL Stine vs. Stephen King, RL Stine’s real life personality, the amount of electricity it takes to run a secret amusement park, find out the origins of trolling, trying to match Goosebumps characters with different books, what exactly Ernest P Worrell is, which character of Ernest’s that Jessica wants to have their own movie, snotty noses of trolls vs. snotty noses of babies and, of course, Jessica’s crush on Ernest.  So many things to talk about, only two movies and two hours to do it in.  Let’s get started!

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