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The Abandoned




The Abandoned is a 2015 supernatural horror film starring Jason Patric and Louise Krause. This was Eytan Rockaway’s directorial debut.


The story revolves around Streak, a young woman who has had some psychiatric issues but is trying to reclaim her life. According to her mother, this may be Streak’s last chance at a decent life. Streak takes a job as a security attendant in an abandoned apartment building working the midnight shift. It seems an odd choice for a psychologically vulnerable young lady but I guess her options are limited given her background. We don’t get many details on Streak other than she is trying to keep custody of her young daughter.


abandoned1She has one co-worker Cooper (Patric). Cooper is a grumpy, middle aged dude in a wheelchair. It is Streak’s first night on the job and she begins seeing things in this apartment building. Once her visions begin, things go downhill from there. I won’t go further except to say there is a twist ending that I never saw coming. To say that the cinematography on this film was beautiful is an understatement. It was amazing.


The “apartment building ” is the star of the film. After some online research, I discovered it was not just one building but made up of multiple buildings shot throughout New York City including courthouses. All of the footage of the lower level of the apartment building was shot in an old Civil War fort in Queens; Fort Totten. I am quite impressed that it was successfully edited to make it appear to be one location.


The Abandoned is a slow burn. It does pick up about half way through but if it’s gore, murder, and non stop action you are looking for — this is not for you. It reminded me a great deal of both The Innkeepers and Last Shift. There are also whispers of The Sixth Sense. The plot can be a bit disjointed at times to the point that even in the very end there are some things left unexplained. Perhaps the viewer is to make their own interpretation.


abandoned 3I’m a sucker for top notch cinematography and while there were some problems with the plot, I enjoyed the movie and wanted to know what happened at the end. It is available to stream on Amazon. Oh and Jason Patric is looking damn good at 49!






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Episode 181: Crow Wrap Up Show

crow5There comes a time in a person’s life when they must say goodbye to the things they love and not even a crow can bring them back. It’s been a franchise of the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows, but The Crow‘s time to spend the rest of its life in the Zombie 7 vault has come.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they talk all things Crow including ranking it against other franchises, speculating what could have been when it came to Brandon Lee’s career, rank their top fives deaths in the franchise, talk Crow soundtracks and merchandising!  All in one episode!

HORROR NEWS: Debunking American Horror Story Season Six rumors,  Alien Covenant update, Devil in the White City becoming a movie

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The Good, The Bad, The Horror….002



The Boy (2016)

PG-13, 97 mins.

Directed by: William Brent Bell

Written by: Stacy Menear

Available: In Theatres


Greta is the new nanny for 8-year old Brahms, who lives with his parents in rural England. Brahms isn’t like other boys. He’s actually a doll and if you don’t follow his rules you might be sorry.


The Good:


Not a lot. The acting is solid — not a very sexy answer I know. Lauren Cohen is good, that’s a little sexier I guess. To me the highlight of the film follows a shower scene in which Greta becomes trapped somewhere wearing nothing but a towel, this is before suspicion is placed on the doll, so it works because you can imagine just how vulnerable that would make a woman feel. The semi-love story is cute. I enjoyed the limited banter we got. I’m sorry, that’s about all I’ve got.


The Bad:


Forgive me, but I feel this is something I must do: dream jump scare? Check and twice. We’re 2 for 2 on 2016 theatrical horror releases now. Let me tell you something creepy, senile old people of the world: if you are willing to pay a month’s pay for watching a doll for a week, I am your man, I will follow your absurd rules, cause it’s not difficult to dress a doll, put on a record or leave a plate of food out. Greta even mentions she feels like she’s taking advantage of the couple, but then as soon as they leave, breaks multiple rules. I would have followed those rules and would never have had a mental break cause I’d have never known that the doll was possibly alive or that it might house the soul of a little dead boy. Of course, I’m not a Hollywood-hot female, so maybe I’m not qualified anyway. This film is kind of a mess if you ask me, she breaks the rules, gets scared into following the rules and then starts breaking the rules for sport. The film rarely scares or builds much tension. There’s a twist that doesn’t work because it basically means nobody had to suffer this malevolence to begin with and it creates all sorts of problems with things that happened previously.


The Horror:


This may seem like a no-brainer given it’s a creepy doll film, but it takes a long time. For a while I contemplated if things didn’t change, would I consider this horror? I just never felt Greta was in any real peril, nor was Malcolm for most of the film. It does get there and there’s some blood spilled but I still think with the exception of the few jump scares, there’s not much to be afraid of. It is horror but I wanted more for sure.


HAMMER’S RATING: 1.5 out of 5

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Episode 180: The Crow – Wicked Prayer

crow4This is the final movie in The Crow franchise and it may be no mystery as to why the franchise ended here.  We rid ourselves of the smog, traffic and crime of the big city for the quieter, but just as crime ridden territory of Southwest America.  Out goes common sense, in comes this script.  Out goes quality acting, in comes Tara Reid. Somehow David Boreanaz also got tied up in this mess.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they try and survive this film despite it’s shortcomings and try to make sense of why Asian people are playing Latino people,  It’s not pretty.

HORROR NEWS:  The Exorcist TV Show, The Omen TV show, Marilyn Manson on Salem


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The Good, The Bad, The Horror…001




The Forest (2016)

PG-13, 95 mins

Directed by: Jason Zada

Written by: Nick Antosca, Sarah Cornwell, Ben Ketai

Currently in Theatres.



Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones) stars as Sara Price and in a duel role as her missing twin sister, Jess Price. Through a series of cross-cuts we see that Sara has a sort of psychic bond with her sister Jess. Jess teaches English to grade school aged children in Japan and has disappeared into the Aokigahara Forest at the northwest base of Mt. Fuji.

In the movie and in reality, the forest is infamous for its supposed past of locals practicing ubasute, or the abandonment of an elderly parent within the forest to die. Folklore says these acts cause the yūrei (angry spirits) of those abandoned to haunt visitors. This forest also happens to be one of the most popular places on earth to commit suicide. In 2010, there were more than 200 attempted suicides and as many as 105 bodies have been removed from the forest in a single year. All searches are called off after 48 hours and the individual is assumed dead.

This is the predicament Sara finds herself in, everyone else thinks that Jess is already dead. So Sara flies to Japan in an attempt to once again bail her sister out of a bad situation. Sara accepts this burden because of a traumatic experience the two shared as children which Jess got the worse end of. At a bar outside the forest, Sara meets a journalist from Australia (Taylor Kinney) who is starting a story on the forest the next day. He persuades her to allow him to use her story to add a human element to his piece in exchange for accompaniment from he and his guide to unmarked areas of the forest.



The Good:


Natalie Dormer isn’t bad on the eyes and has decent chemistry with both herself and Taylor Kinney. I said decent, mind you, it’s not as if the performance is setting the world afire. The amazing premise offers some opportunity for great tension and scares, some of which are delivered. I enjoyed the tension in a scene where Sara is being tormented while inside a tent. That’s a scary situation, you’re very vulnerable to whatever is outside but you can’t see where it might attack from. Sara is overzealous in her attempt to find her sister and makes some poor decisions, these are understandable but we get to see the repercussions and I think it’s a reasonable representation of the potential paranoia someone might face in this situation.



The Bad:


The cross-cuts I mentioned add nothing and just jumble the timeline, we get the point, but it’s wholly unnecessary. Telling the story in a linear fashion would have been as good or better. There are ridiculous jump scares on occasion; the random homeless guy banging the window, walking down a dark hallway for no reason but to be scared by the shadow hanging out at the back of that dark hallway. This jump scare was effective but it would be nice if there were a reason to venture down the hall. The most egregious cliché in the film is a dream jump scare that takes place within a forest said to be haunted by hundreds of evil spirits. Why on earth do we need a dream scare in this situation?!! That has to be my current least favorite horror trope and it has no place in this film in that forest. Replace it with a hallucination and it accomplishes the same thing and pays better service to the story.



The Horror:


It’s PG-13 and has little blood but The Forest falls firmly within the realm of horror. You can expect numerous jump scares and a few moments of psychological horror as well as a few truly tense moments.



Hammer’s Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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