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Deliver Us From Evil is a possession film released in 2014 starring Eric Bana and Joel McHale. The film is set in NYC. The main character Ralph Sarchie an NYPD cop is played by Eric Bana. (ED Note: You forgot to mention how the “D” in Deliver and the entire word “EVIL” in the title poster are capitalized so your eyes are drawn to the word “DEVIL.”)

2015-03-04-21-30-25-1309934072The story begins when Ralph and his partner Butler (McHale) begin investigating a case of a woman who throws her child down a ravine in the zoo and a man who beats his wife. After some digging it becomes clear that the cases are connected. It turns out the woman’s husband and the man beating his wife served in Iraq together with a third man who is missing. 

All three men returned from combat severely disturbed. The third soldier is found dead in the basement of the house he was painting after the family calls the cops over disturbances in the house. Ill leave you with that as I do not do spoilers.

images-8Deliver Us From Evil is based on the book Beware the Night by Ralph Sarchie, published in 1999. The movie claims to be based on actual events but in reality is an original storyline based on Ralph’s actual cases. Possession films are not my favorite horror sub genre but when done well can be very enjoyable. I was quite impressed with this movie. The creepy moments were in no shortage. The action was non stop and the acting was strong. I was blown away by Joel McHale’s skills as an actor in a serious role. I loved him so much in this I hope he accept more serious roles. I liked the city setting a great deal as well. I felt it was a nice change from the woods or some secluded farm house. In fact, being set in a city is even scarier to me because as a city girl, I’m used to my monsters being human.



Overall, I really liked this film and would recommend it to others. It is a little long at almost two hours but the time went fast. I found I was interested in learning about Ralph Sarchie’s actual tangles with the supernatural after the movie was over so I ordered the book. There is no nudity, little humor, and plenty of violence Oh and an exorcism!
Check it out.



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Episode 134: Amityville Dollhouse

Amityville_DollhouseAs we get further into the Amityville franchise we find more and more haunted items that have come out of 112 Ocean Ave.  Not this time!  We have no clue where this damn dollhouse came from, but it’s creepy as hell anyways!  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they talk about the 1997 straight to DVD eighth film in the franchise.  In this episode they will talk about such things as typical haunted house tropes, The Brady Bunch, haunted fireplace vs. haunted dollhouse, slutty teenage girlfriends, whether a pitcher of alcohol could put out a fire, ghost dad vs. Tarman, Jimmie the Jerk and this movie vs. Critters.

HORROR NEWS: Lady Gaga in American Horror Story, horrofied Little People and new Amityville movies

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Housebound is a New Zealand horror comedy released in 2014.

2015-02-22-21-00-02-1364339566Morgana O’Reilly stars as Kylie a young woman who is sentenced to house arrest for blowing up ATMs. The house she is stuck in for eight months  is her mother’s (my worst nightmare). She has an excessively antagonistic relationship with her mom so things are already strained between them prior to her house arrest. Once she is back at the house she spends her days laying around eating, watching  tv and trashing the place  (sounds like me). She is belligerent, refuses to help out and becomes annoyed (Ed Note: that sounds more like you) by her mother’s ramblings about the house being haunted.

images-6Soon enough these ghosts make their presence known to her and she starts to think her mom may not be so crazy after all. Luckily for Kylie, the home security guard assigned to monitor her activities has some ghost hunting knowledge and the two set off to discover what is going bump in the night!

I won’t give any more details as I hate spoilers but some pretty entertaining hijinks ensue in their quest to find the truth. Housebound is a fun film with non stop action, thrills, gore, and dry humor. The acting was strong and there were several twists and turns I didn’t see coming. Although there were some odd plot developments it was an original storyline. If you like some gore mixed in with your thrills, chills, and Scooby-Doo sleuthing check out Housebound available to stream on Amazon.



P.S. The idiots in Hollywood have already announced a U.S. remake

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Episode 133: Amityville – The New Generation

220px-Amityville_New_GenerationWith a title like that, you would expect a new generation of people to move into the old Amityville House.  You’d be wrong.  The Amityville House is not in the movie.  Nor is Amitvyille.  Yep, its another “haunted item” movie.  This time instead of a clock or a lamp, it’s the ever popular mirror.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they take a look at the seventh installment in the Amityville franchise, The New Generation.  In this episode they will discuss Ron’s theory that this script was not written as an Amitvyille movie, possibilities the franchise could have taken, share stories about pissing themselves and talk the many movies of Lin Shaye.

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Unleash Hell 50


Captain Action’s Nemesis Dr. Evil!


Dr. Evil was introduced in 1968 with the third wave of Captain Action releases, and as “the sinister invader of Earth,” he was dead-set on undoing all the good that our pal Captain Action worked so hard to uphold.

7Dr. Evil, was the picture of terror and EVIL incarnate – with bulging, red blood shot veiny eyes, pointy ears, an exposed, CREEPY brain and ghastly blue skin. To add to the insanity, Dr. Evil came with a satin hippy like costume with a Nehru collar, a starburst medallion attached to a chunky gold chain, and a pair of dark blue sandals – all of which gave him a lounge-lizard sort of vibe that was a huge hit at the time.

But like Captain Action, Dr. Evil could easily disguise himself – making him all the more wily. His two favorite alter egos were Dr. Thorpe and Dr. Ling – one Western persona and one Asian. The Dr. Thorpe face mask featured a benevolent-appearing, bearded gentleman utterly opposite from the grotesque alien. The Dr. Ling mask came with a white lab coat that could be used when masquerading one of the good doctors.

streakDr. Evil had many evil evil evil EVIL things – including a thought sensor, a laser gun, a sonic reducer, a large, horrific hypnotic eye, and an ionized hypo – a ray-gun like hypodermic needle that could incur all variety of evil damage.

As a kid, I couldn’t get enough of Captain Action (who could, with the change of a mask and costume become any one of a bunch of Super Heros. like The Green Hornet, Spiderman, Aquaman, Batman etc etc…) You could also get the insanely cool Silver Streak Vehicle! IT ROCKED! And the BEST part was Dr. EVIL! I soooooooo Love an Evil Doctor that spreads EVIL at every turn!


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