Episode 196: ONE NIGHT STAND – The House on Sorority Row

sororityIt’s the time again.  Time where we take a break from our long term relationships with franchise horror and have a one night stand with a one off horror movie.  This particular one night stand is with the seven sorority girls from the 1983 film, The House on Sorority Row. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they discuss such things as Jessica’s sordid past in her own sorority, how to keep a mongoloid child quiet in an attic, smashing police cars with dumpsters and fighting for your right to party!

HORROR NEWS: A Haunted Mansion documentary kickstarter, Stephen King warns fans about The Dark Tower, Indian horror, Friday the 13th TV series, the return of Ecto-Cooler

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Episode 195: House Wrap-up Show

houseToday we say goodbye to all things House.  Goodbye Roger Cobb.  Goodbye cast of Cheers.  Goodbye Caterpuppy.  Let us remember the good times (caterpuppy) and the bad times (House 3 and 4).  Let us remember Kane Hodder as Pizza Face.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they wrap up the House franchise with Ten Questions with Jessica about the franchise, compare the franchise to other four film franchises, discuss what the franchise probably should have been about and wonder if Sean S Cunningham receives a free pass from horror fans for his work on Friday the 13th.  Also — caterpuppy toys and how many people actually die in the franchise.

HORROR NEWS:  Paramount adds movies to Youtube, Funko of The Countess, Slender Man movie, adult horror coloring books





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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 115






Just in case you were not aware today is a Friday the 13th! In honor of this, I have decided to give my list of the hottest babes in the Friday the 13th franchise. I have chosen one lady from each film including the 2009 reboot and Freddy Vs. Jason.



16-05-10-16-52-16-344_deco1. Friday the 13th  – I’ve always thought Marcie played by Jeannie Taylor was adorable. She had a simple beauty about her. Her delicate features combined with small frame and tiny boobs make her the stand out in this cast. However in this first film none of the girls were of the flashy variety when it came to appearance.




16-05-10-16-07-28-990_deco2.  Friday the 13th IITerry played by Kirsten Baker wore the fuck out of a crop top and daisy dukes. I’m sure plenty of horror film victims have worn this outfit but no one stands out to me like Terry. She had the perfect set of perky boobs to wear those crop tops and we  see them when she goes skinny dipping. I swear after watching this movie, I ran right out to buy this outfit. To this day, I still wear crop tops and daisy dukes!



16-05-10-16-50-07-960_deco3. Friday the 13th 3DDebbie played by Tracie Savage is my pick for the third installment of the franchise. Debbie had beauty of the girl next door variety with her dirty blonde hair, fresh face and medium sized boobs. She was also the only girl whose naked breasts we saw and they were very nice.




16-05-10-16-11-18-147_deco4. Friday the 13th IV – My favorite girl from The Final Chapter has always been Samantha played by the gorgeous Judie Aronson. All of the ladies in this sequel were quite attractive, especially the twins. Even the twins could not top Samantha with her dark hair and olive skin. She not only had a beautiful face but a tight butt and perky breasts. This film had a few sets of naked breasts including Judie’s. Judie now in her fifties  has aged very well.




16-05-10-16-27-22-347_deco-15. Friday the 13th VTina played by Deborah Voorhees is by far the hottest girl in this sequel. Although her screen time was limited, Tina leaves an impression on you. In fact I’d say she has the best death scene which incorporates her lovely and very large boobs! This is no quick boob shot either. We get extended camera time on them and she is completely naked. If there were any other naked boobs in this sequel I don’t remember them. Who would?!




16-05-10-16-46-11-830_deco6. Friday the 13th VI – If you had asked me who the hottest girl was after my first viewing I’d have said Megan. This is probably because as a teenager, I wished I’d been born a blonde. Twenty years later, it’s Nikki — played by Darcy Demoss.
The actress always had a kind of wild, sexy look about her in the films I saw her in.This Friday has no nudity so although Nikki was the only character who had sex we saw nothing.




16-05-10-17-01-57-986_deco-17. Friday the 13th VII – I chose Robin played by Elizabeth Kaiten. I’m not sure she is the popular choice. The first time I saw this movie, I remember thinking Melissa was the best looking. Elizabeth Kaiten is a beautiful girl. However, her wardrobe in this film is unfortunate and her looks are played down. She may not be the conventional beauty but with her pouty lips, big eyes and red hair she is the hottest. We also get a shot of her bare boobs when she sits up in bed after sex.




16-05-10-17-14-22-572_deco8. Friday the 13th VIIISusie played by Tiffany Paulsen and wasn’t long for the Friday world. She and her boyfriend Jim are murdered in the first ten minutes of the film. Susie shows us her boobs before she dies though. I almost chose Eva played by Kelly Hu but with her button nose, tiny perfect boobs and long curly hair Susie gets my vote.




16-05-10-18-37-49-513_deco9. Jason Goes to Hell – My choice for the hottest girl in this film is also my favorite death in the franchise. Deborah played by Michelle Clunie is a thin, dark haired beauty with sex on the brain. This obviously gets her killed quickly. Jason is known for murdering horny teens but not usually during sex. Poor Deborah is chopped down the middle while riding her boyfriend in the middle of her orgasm. I guess if you have to die it’s not exactly the worst death.




16-05-10-18-43-31-971_deco10. Jason X – This along with Jason Goes to Hell is the worst of the franchise. There are several pretty ladies in it though. Janessa played by Melyssa Ade is my pick. This super cute girl is petite with what I can only guess is an A-cup. Although an A-cup isn’t ideal it works for her and she is definitely a hottie!




16-05-10-17-28-44-131_deco11. Freddy Vs JasonGibb played by Katharine Isabelle is my pick. There was no other choice for me. Gibb spends the film in a cap and jeans and is still the hottest.  I’ve seen many of Katharine’s films and whether she wears a baseball cap and jeans or a dress she is always hot. She just has that something extra. Maybe it’s her doll face!




16-05-10-16-48-38-612_deco12. Friday the 13th 2009 – I doubt there is much question who the hottest is for most men. My pick was not immediate. I debated between Jenna played by Danielle Panabaker and Bree played by Julianna Guill. Bree won. Bree is very beautiful and of course has beautiful breasts as well which we get to see. Jenna may not have won but she is the runner up!




There you have it; my list of the hottest ladies of the Friday the 13th franchise. Let me know in the comments who you choose or what you think of my list!

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Episode 194: House 4

house5Roger Cobb is back!  He has a new woman. He has a new kid. He has a new house.  It really is weird that he is back, isn’t it.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they take you through the Cobb Family struggles with this new house including phlegm drinking stepbrothers, healing Native American waters, housekeepers from SNL and Kane Hodder in pizza form.  True story.  How does it connect to the other House movies?  Well, Roger Cobb is back.

HORROR NEWS: Ghostbusters hitting the bigscreen again, Slimer gets a price, special viewing of The Conjuring, Chopping Mall on Blu Ray, new Craft movie

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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 114




Slasher is a Canadian/American anthology series both shot and set in Canada. It ran almost simultaneously on Chiller and the Canadian network, Super Channel. I have never had the opportunity to experience the Chiller network. I did not think I was missing out because generally what I’ve heard from those who do have it, has been negative. However I read a review of their first original series, Slasher, a few weeks ago and was intrigued. I tracked it down online and have since watched the first four episodes. I was pleasantly surprised. As a result of all the negative reviews of the network itself, I wasn’t sure what to expect.


The story follows a young lady named Sarah Bennett whose parents were murdered 30 years ago on Halloween. Sarah returns to town as an adult to live in her parents house which seems to spawn a series of copycat murders with the present day killer wearing the same disguise as her parent’s killer. There may be a killer on the loose, but everyone seems to have skeletons in this town. Everyone figures into this mystery.


Slasher may be what the writers of the Scream series were going for but failed miserably at doing. This series has strong writing, a layered story, strong acting and a dash of heart. I also loved the cinematography. It perfectly captured the look of a small town that could look cozy and creepy at the same time. I have not seen any nudity yet but there are some very creative and quite gory kills. I’m really enjoying this horror series and am hoping for a second season.


If you like a smart mystery with creative kills you’ll want to check this one out. Slasher will be released on DVD this summer. I found it on Amazon at $1.99 or $2.99 an episode. It is eight episodes total so it would be a fun marathon for a rainy weekend day. It is also available on iTunes.


As a side note it reminded me a bit of American Horror Story albeit with lesser known actors. I discovered in my research that Aaron Martin the creator was inspired by AHS.





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