Episode 234: The Mummy’s Ghost

mummy4What’s a three thousand year old lovelorn mummy stuck in Massachusetts supposed to do? It’s not like he can just go on Tinder.  His only recourse is to guard the body of his centuries old lover and try and find her spirit reincarnated in other people — your typical love story.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they make their way through the fourth movie in The Mummy franchise, The Mummy’s Ghost.  Unsure if there are actual ghosts in the movie, they discuss overused storylines in the franchise, the proper use of the term donkey punch and why the mummy is so angry in this entry.

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Episode 233: The Mummy’s Tomb

mummy2Thirty years after the events of The Mummy’s Hand and … the only thing that’s different is Steve Banning and Babe have aged thirty years while the rest of the world stayed the same. Did you know that according to The Mummy‘s alternate timeline, World War II was still taking place in 1970?!  That’s just one of the crazy facts you will learn when you join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd on their journey through The Mummy’s Tomb.  Also on the show a new contest to win some great horrific B-movies!  Jessica decides if she would rather have immortality with a man she doesn’t love or if her cats should have immortality. Ron reveals pick up lines that do not work for him at bars and the mummy donkey punches a bunch of shit!  It’s one of those episodes!

HORROR NEWS: Stranger Things 2, The Santa Clarita Diet, Nightmare in the Makeup Chair documentary, House/House 2 re-release

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Episode 232: The Mummy’s Hand

mummy1Imhotep isn’t the only mummy running around Universal Studio lots back in the day. Meet Kharis, hitmummy of the cult of Karnac and all around bad dude.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and special guest host, Clint the Reckless as they travel back to 1940s Cairo to report on the misadventures of archaeologist Steve Banning, his buddy Babe, the dame and the magician as they deal with the walking undead. Topics of discussion include Little Miss Horror Nerd’s challenge while podcasting, whether tana leaves = cocaine to Kharis, questioning giving all your money to dudes who just tried to swindle you, why is the movie named The Mummy’s Hand and badass Babe.

HORROR NEWS: Saw Legacy, The Final Girls, Vampire Diaries

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Episode 231: The Mummy

mummyWe travel all the way back to 1932 at the height of the Universal Monster craze.  Universal has had several hits and they have this actor that is very hot at the moment, Boris Karloff. What to do, what to do.  Make another monster movie? Take advantage of a surge of interest in Egypt? Yes!  This week Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd are joined by Karl “Yabang” Wagner to take a look at a classic Universal Monster flick, The Mummy. Topics of discussion include a possible attempted date rape in the movie, the strange story of Zita Johann, the lack of a mummy and 19th century English mummy unwrapping parties. Generally acknowledged as one of the great horror films — how does it stand up?

HORROR NEWS: Tremors 6, New Phantasm box set, Miguel Ferrer





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Episode 230: ONE NIGHT STAND – Silver Bullet

silverAre you ready for a hot, steamy one night stand with a religious werewolf?  Too late — you can’t turn back now! Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they travel to Tarker’s Mill, Maine to see this little town get ravaged by a single werewolf.  On today’s show they discuss who is in charge — the man or the beast, Jessica’s unhealthy fascination with Gary Busey, the perfect Stephen King character name, the big name director who walked off the set and the origins of the movie.

HORROR NEWS: Thom Matthews in the Friday the 13th video game, The Cult of Chucky, The Walking Dead’s RV


Also, in this episode — an exclusive interview with the proprietor of Gallows Hill Theater, Erik Rodenhiser! You can check out the website for the theater here!



Listen to The Fright Corner, including the episode Jessica is on, right here !



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