Episode 275: Phantasm

phantasmThings were a little strange in the late 1970s.  Midget druids, ice cream truck driving heroes. floating spheres of death as well as one really tall dude who has undefined supernatural powers walking the land — yeah, it was weird. Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they start yet another franchise, this one being the much celebrated Phantasm franchise. They will try to make sense of this surreal cult classic including influences for this film, other horror franchises it has influenced, whether it’s better to be dead or a midget druid and the sex appeal of a balding ice cream truck driver. Who could have guessed?

HORROR NEWS: Gerald’s Game, Mike Flanagan, Cthulu toys


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Episode 274: ONE NIGHT STAND – Happy Birthday to Me

birthday1It’s that time on the show where we take a break, sit back and have a little fun before our next big commitment. This time we are having a one night stand with ten high school (maybe college?) kids.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and special guest host Cakewolf as they travel back to the early 80s when all slasher films had to have a holiday attached to them.  In this episode, by Patreon request, they will be looking at the 1981 film, Happy Birthday to Me.  Topics of discussion include why Jessica hates fraternal orders, Cakewolf’s obsession with things that are terrible and Ron’s hatred of twin reveals. How does this movie hold up after almost 40 years?

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Episode 273: Night of the Living Dead Wrap Up Show

romero1It’s that time on the show in which we must say goodbye to all things whether loved or hated and we have a bit of both in this batch of movies.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they close out George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead franchise with their Top Five Deaths of the franchise, Ten Questions with Jessica, the CDC having a zombie apocalypse plan and traits in Romero movies.

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Episode 272: Survival of the Dead

survivalTime is nearing the end for the Romero Living Dead franchise as we come to the last movie in the franchise.  Let’s hole up on and island, run from the zombies and hope for the best! Shit, here comes the National Guard and there goes the neighborhood.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and a mystery guest that is so mystery we still don’t know who they are as they comb through George Romero’s last film, Survival of the Dead. The battle of what to do with the zombies rages on and Jessica takes a definitive side while Ron eggs her on trying to get her to yell.  Mission accomplished. No one is safe — not even the horses!

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Bonus Episode 18: How to Horror Up Your Christmas

santaAs the Peanuts Gang would say, Christmas time is here.  As a horror fan, it can be a confusing time. How do you celebrate and still maintain your horror cred?  Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd, Hammer and Channy Dreadful are here to tell you how to horror up your Christmas without losing that Christmas ambience.  Topics discussed include favorite Christmas presents, which Christmas songs are kind of creepy, what to get the horror fan in your life for Christmas, the beginnings of Christmas horror and the top five Christmas horror films.

Special Guest Christmas horror lists from directors Sean Cain and Chris Peckover as well as Horror Movie Podcast host, Jay of the Dead.

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