Episode 90: Leprechaun 2

lep2From the backwoods of North Dakota to the backwoods of Ireland to Los Angeles, we are willing to follow the Leprechaun anywhere!  No, not to find his gold — that would be very stupid.  We’ve seen what he does to people who want his gold!  We do it to bring you the best possible podcast known to man or magical creature anywhere.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they make their way through the first Leprechaun sequel discussing things LMHN would do for an appliance, the mythology of the leprechaun, Andy Kaufmann, body double breasts, the future of Darkside Tours, another Leprechaun vehicle and horror comics!

Horror News: Gremlins reboot, a new M. Night project

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Unleash Hell 20


It from the Pit (Milton Bradley 1992) The Motorized Monster Game

Its IT FROM THE PIT! BEWARE! You’re deep in the jungle, hunting for gold (Duh, what else?). Step by step, you circle a gigantic, swirling oozing bright green slime pit. Beware! Danger lurks from within the pit!
I LOVE this game and LOVE games that made everyday seem like Halloween. I have loved monsters from the beginning of time!
5As a child, I lived monsters; I ate monsters cereal, I dreamed about monsters, I read monster books, I watched old monster films, and most of all I looked forward to Halloween all year long! I still do…..Phew now that that’s out of the way….Let me tell you more about….
What we have here (scary shrieks and laughs in the background) from The Milton Bradley Board game company comes the Grade B Monster Movie in a board game. The object of the game is to land on the treasure chest, and don’t get grabbed by It From The Pit. The inner path to the treasure is shorter, but is easier for the monster to grab you. The monster from the pit tries to grab players until the game is over. Players roll dice and quickly move their explorer around the pit. The first player to reach the treasure chest by exact count wins the game. If all the explorers are pulled into the pit, then IT has won the game!
THIS GAME ROCKS!!! Literally! Rocks all around the ultra cool pit!
4 6 2
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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 37



A Murderous Performance


StageFright is a horror/musical and Jerome Sable’s feature film directorial debut. It had its world release on March 10th 2014 at South by Southwest. This film was released to VOD on April 3rd and will be in theaters May 9th.

The story revolves around a young girl, Camilla Swanson  (Allie MacDonald), who loses her mother Kylie (Minnie Driver) when she is a little girl. Kylie is a Broadway star who is murdered on opening night of a play she is starring in.

images(15)We skip forward to Camilla as a teenager where she and her brother are working in the kitchen of the musical theater camp being run by Roger McCall (Meatloaf). When Roger reveals the camp will performing The Haunting of the Opera, Camilla decides she must audition for the starring role as this was the last play her mother was in. Camilla is cast in the starring role and as soon as rehearsals begin, kids start getting murdered.

While I didn’t find this film particularly frightening, I was happy with the level of gore. It wasn’t muted or over the top and there were some cool kills. There were also plenty of elements we all love to see in a slasher. The setting is a summer camp. All but a few of the characters were teenagers or preteens. There is humor as well as some randy behavior but no nudity.


It would not be a proper slasher without a masked killer! This killer reminded me of the killer from 1987s Slumber Party Massacre II. There was even a scene that at least in my opinion seemed to be a nod to Stephen King’s Carrie. Prior to seeing this I’d read a few things online comparing StageFright to a cross between Glee and a horror movie. While Meatloaf, Allie MacDonald, and Minnie Driver are all talented singers they were not singing Top 40 tunes.

I enjoyed Meatloaf in the lead adult role and thought he carried the movie well. I also thought Allie MacDonald did a good job as the “it” girl. She reminded me physically of a cross between Rumer Willis, Lindsay Lohan, and the late Brittany Murphy. I thought StageFright was fun, humorous, a little brutal, and at times creepy. I do not think it needed or deserved an R rating. Yes, adults will see this film but I think a good portion of its viewers will be kids 11 and up. I’m pretty sure it will not scare most of them. There was not much in the way of foul language either. PG 13 would have been a better rating for this.



You can view the first 10 minutes for free here courtesy of HuLu


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Old Timey Tuesdays 10: The Ghost Who Forgot Halloween

Welcome to a simpler time.  A time where the sound of wind against shutters could keep you up at night wondering what could be out there.  What could be watching.  Waiting.

Welcome to a time where the dark was darker, the cold was colder and the fear more chilling. Nothing is as frightening as what you can create deep in the black crevices of your mind.  Welcome to…





Most of The House of Mystery shows are mysteries as not a lot of them survived.  That’s why this week’s Halloween episode from 1947 (aired October 27) is a rare treat!  Listen to the story of a ghost boy who is so tired he forgot all about Halloween!



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Episode 89: Leprechaun

leprechaun-posterWhat do you do when you find yourself trapped in a country home being hunted down by a mythical creature with magical powers?  You listen to Ron, and his co-hosts Little Miss Horror Nerd and Clint the Reckless Stoney talk about the 1993 film, Leprechaun.  Among the items discusses: Warwick Davis’s performance, the cartoon antics of Mark Jones, Jennifer Anniston pre-nosejob, continuity errors, the apparent dickheadishness of a preteen to a mentally disabled Lenny, the shoeshining weakness of the Leprechaun and the array of vehicles in the Leprechaun’s possession.

Horror News: Pumpkinhead reboot, Scream TV show and the Amityville House for sale

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