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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 59




Butcher Boys was written by Kim Henkel who wrote Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) with Tobe Hooper and was released in 2013. Kim had intended this to be a sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but when he lost the rights to do that, he made Butcher Boys.

images (2)Our movie is once again set in Texas but this Texas bears zero resemblance to the Texas of 1974. The plot revolves around a group of rich teenagers celebrating a birthday at a restaurant. Through a series of unfortunate events rather than making it home they end up with a demolished car and stranded in a very dark and abandoned lot. They are being chased by a bunch of Fonzie rejects who just so happen to be cannibals. What? Oh No! Of course, their cell phones are useless. I think this is becoming quite unbelievable in films at this point as it’s rare to not get service these days. I was getting service on the subway two years ago! (ED NOTE:  Horror writer’s still haven’t figured out a way to deal with being able to dial 911 no matter where you are or what situation you are in. It’s been almost twenty years — catch up to the rest of society, kids!)

It seems the cannibals are only interested in the hot girl. Even more ridiculous was the fact that hot girl’s call to 911 did manage to go through earlier but the cops watch as the Fonzie rejects drive off with her because they are afraid of them! Don’t cops carry guns? Since the Fonzie rejects took hot girl alive there is obviously a method to their madness. I’ll stop there so as not to spoil.

I’ll start by saying this film had terrible reviews on Amazon and everywhere else I looked. This did not deter me! It seems I often like horror films that everyone else hates. I imagine many people were disappointed because of the fact that this was written by Kim Henkel and they were expecting something close to TCM. In that respect, I have to wonder if people would have liked it more if someone else had written it. There would have been no expectations in that case.


I did enjoy this film. It was at times a tad slow in the first 40 minutes but I hung in there and it picked up in the second half. I was satisfied with the amount of gore and I kind of liked all the zany characters you meet later in the film. There wasn’t much in the way of nudity just one pair of boobs. There was a brain eating scene that was reminiscent of one from Hannibal. There are nine cameos of actors from the Texas Chainsaw franchise including the lovely but late Marilyn Burns. Overall I enjoyed this film and thought it was crazy ridiculous fun! Even if you hate it you will be amused by it.



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Episode 111: The Return of the Living Dead Wrap Up Show

IMG_0221It’s the time we come to in every franchise where we must say goodbye.   Goodbye Tarman. Goodbye naked zombie women.  Goodbye senseless watering down of franchise rules to make senseless sequels easier to write.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they talk the ins and outs of the franchise including whether or not Tarman is the most famous zombie ever, how to improve the franchise and the franchise’s legacy in horror.

On top of that goodness, Ron and Jessica talk to James Lurgio, the proprietor of Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery in Salem, MA — a museum of horror history!

Stick around for Ten Questions with listener Jarrett Nunley!

Horror News: Remaking I Know What You Did Last Summer, new Universal Monster action figures, marijuana tie-ins with Tusk and James Lurgio review of the original SYFY program Z Nation


Check out all things Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery here.

For James’ previous appearance on the podcast, check out The Wolfman Wrap Up Show.

Jarrett’s Tarman:

jarrett1  jarrett2  jarrett3  jarrett4  jarrett



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Old Timey Tuesdays 12: Three Skeleton Key

Welcome to a simpler time.  A time where the sound of wind against shutters could keep you up at night wondering what could be out there.  What could be watching.  Waiting.

Welcome to a time where the dark was darker, the cold was colder and the fear more chilling. Nothing is as frightening as what you can create deep in the black crevices of your mind.  Welcome to…




Three Skeleton Key is a short story by George G. Toudouze.  Vincent Price is most associated with the audio play as he performed in the radio suspense drama several times.

Escape aired on CBS from July 7, 1947 to September 25, 1964

Original Airdate: March 17, 1950

Starring: Vincent Price

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Unleash Hell 38


Horror Head Pillows


Listen up Horror Heads! Here they are – the amazing and super rare Horror Head Pillows!

Not really toys…these Dark Shadows Horror Head Pillows are simply AMAZING! They were sold separately, and marketed with a killer TV commercial.

With Barnabas the Vampire, Quentin the Werewolf and the Witch from Lara Parker’s portrayal of Angelique, These pillows were and are a MUST HAVE for monster and Dark Shadows fans! The pillows made by Centsable Toys are just maddeningly GREAT! I loved them when I was a kid but sadly I only had Quentin the Werewolf. I think they came out into the stores and disappeared quite rapidly! I remain to this day fascinated by these!

You can display em, throw em, hang em etc. Today, you probably want to keep them in a glass case…They are that RARE!

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