Episode 104: Saw Wrap-Up Show

Check out Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd on the Saw Wrap Up Show

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Unleash Hell 33


Universal Monsters: Soaky Bubble Bath


During the 1960s, Colgate Palmolive sold liquid bubble bath in plastic containers shaped like popular cartoon characters. Colgate called the product a “Soaky,” as indicated on the bottom of each 11-ounce container. In 1963, they created Universal Monsters versions including Frankenstein, the Creature From the Black Lagoon, the Wolf Man and the Mummy.  Why they didn’t produce a Dracula is kind of a mystery. Soaky bubble bath not only frightened children but also kept them clean.

1As you can surely guess, I couldn’t get enough of these guys! I wish I had the common sense at the time to keep my millions of empty containers! One thing I hated was bath time but I learned to love it with the all the monsters from Crazy Foam and these Cool Bubble Bath Bad Boyz!

Bath time was indeed haunt time and killer monster time! This Bubble bath was FUN FUN FUN in the tub and also, once empty these bottles provided hours and hours of FUN!

Bubble Bubble Toyland Trouble, Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!

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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 52


Profile of a Boring Mess


This week I have watched Profile of a Killer. This film was released in June 2013.

While I was not familiar with any of the actors the star Gabriele Angieri, she reminded me of a cross between Robert Deniro and Mandy Patinkin. The story revolves around a retired FBI agent who gets involved in investigating series of murders along a highway. Unfortunately for this agent, he is kidnapped by the killer who turns out to be a teenager. Oh no will said Agent triumph over this killer kid?!!

profile1I honestly do not have to worry about spoilers because there is zero mystery to the plot and what I have mentioned is included in the synopsis. I imagine this film was supposed to be a character study of the killer — sort of a Criminal Minds rip off. However what it is, is a flat, boring, drab looking mess peppered with bad acting.

The actress that plays the cop investigating the murders has one facial expression and generally no change in tone of voice. Hers is not even bad acting, because that at least tends to be amusing. The killer did not make me feel anything for him either way. I also did not care about anyone else in the film or their fate. I do feel Gabriele Angieri has some acting chops but he needs a better vehicle than this broken down old hoopty!


In my opinion this wasn’t even a horror movie. There was no real gore or blood, no suspense, no mystery, and not even one moment of humor. Even when a horror movie is not a quality film, humor and grossouts can usually redeem it. The only thing scary about this movie was that I can never get the 90 minutes of my life I wasted on it back. Do not buy or rent this movie. You are better off burning your money in a trash can in your driveway!

Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Rating: 1 out of 5!


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Episode 104: Saw 3D

Saw_3D_FinalThe Saw franchise is coming to an end and the police department of Washington DC could not be happier. Of course, they are all dead now so this is a moot point. Join Ron, Clint the Reckless and the Uncontrollable Willis Wheeler as they make their way through the final film (for now) in the Saw franchise and try to make some sense out of the millions of flashbacks and the endgames for Detective Hoffman and Jill Tuck. Little Miss Horror Nerd joins the show for a bout of horror news, as well! Topics discussed include the Saw franchises use of every trick in the book in order to confuse their viewers, what happens when you produce a record like Minutes to Midnight, Willis’ whereabouts during some of the Jigsaw killings, plausibility of the traps and time frames, the uselessness of DC cops, the lack of heroes in the movie, the return of Dr. Gordon, Asian boobies and debunking the Saw/666 myth!

Horror News: Annabelle, Universal Monsters reboots and Sharknado Week on SYFY

Find Willis at Terror Troop and the No Fucking Way Podcast!

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Bonus Episode 06: Night of the Creeps Commentary

creepsHey zombies!  It’s celebration time!  This time we are celebrating the second birthday of The Resurrection of Zombie 7 Podcast!  We are going through our Terrible Twos by providing the zombies with a commentary to the 1986 Fred Dekker classic Night of the Creeps!  Join Ron and Clint the Reckless as they take Little Miss Horror Nerd to the prom! Oh yeah, Tom Atkins, European Rusty, zombie fraternity boys, leeches, a zombie axe murderer, midget space aliens and a unibrow might come along for the ride.  Enjoy an extra bonus episode this week’s — this round is on us!

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