Episode 228: Bloodstorm – Subspecies 4

ss4Hey zombies!  Have you been having Radu withdrawals?  I have the remedy for you!  The fourth movie in the Subspecies franchise where Radu comes back from death (again) in most not plausible way in order to reek havoc on Bucharest and Transylvania once again. Oh, and Ash also returns from the dead (with not even an non-plausible explanation given) for reasons. Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and their final mystery guest of the season as they take a look at the final film in the Subspecies franchise and put to rest Radu and Michelle. Other topics of discussion include what constitutes an “episode,” who really wrote this movie, lots and lots of plotholes, the lack of the subspecies and of course, cats.

HORROR NEWS: Carrie Fisher, Pumpkinhead mask, Stranger Things Funko Pops





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Episode 227: The Vampire Journals

vampirejournalsIt’s a new year, a new movie, a new set of characters — same old podcast!  We are taking a detour from Radu, Michelle, their up and down relationship as well as Radu’s penchant for wearing his food on his chin.  Instead, let us sidetrack with a more refined set of vampires that run a vampire like brothel — maybe refined isn’t the right word.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and yet another mystery guest as they veer off into the great unknown to take on an entirely new set of vampires.  Topics discussed include poor decision making skills by females, Radu vs. Ash, Jessica’s crush on Radu, vampires and why they must see titties as they drink blood and powerful vampires that are easy to kill.

HORROR NEWS: Bruce Campbell’s horror reality show, Xenomorph merchandise, Friday the 13th The Game Update



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Episode 226: Bloodlust – Subspecies 3

subspecies3The end of the year is upon us, but we are just turning the corner in the Subspecies franchise.  What will happen to those crazy kids, Radu and Michelle?  What of Michelle’s sister, Becky, and that handsome young man from the US embassy in Transylvania?Wait!  There’s a US embassy in Transylvania?!  All these questions are answered and so much more as Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and another mystery guest explore Subspecies 3- Bloodlust.  Other topics of discussion include whether or not Radu is a tit man, Michelle as an accomplice, Becky loves to get naked, stopping to read a good book when you could be killed at any moment and the strange way the sun works in Transylvania.

HORROR NEWS: Documentary on IT miniseries, Amityville Awakening pushed back again, Unsolved Mysteries available to stream




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Episode 225: Bloodstone – Subspecies 2

ss2Just when you thought it was safe to sit around the tree drinking hot chocolate and singing Christmas Carols, Radu comes back into your life, re-attaches his head and ruins Christmas!  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and another mystery guest as they tell the tale of Radu and Michelle, a love that just won’t quite — despite the parent’s disapproval.  Topics of conversation include why the bloody hell Michelle would get her sister involved with this, what sort of drugs the King must have been on in order to have mated with Mummy, the three Bs, vampires walking around in the daytime, the growth of the bloodstone and Radu as a leading man.

HORROR NEWS: Little Shop of Horror remake, Insidious 4, Tommy Jarvis in the Friday the 13th video game



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Episode 224: Subspecies

subspeciesIt’s time for a new franchise and what better way to go about it than a power mad, gruesome vampire and his handsome brother fighting over the kingdom — which is really just some old castles.   Oh, and there’s a bloodstone as well.  Join Ron, Little Miss Horror Nerd and their first mystery guest host as they travel to Romania to try and figure this one out! Hear them speak of things such as what sex toy the bloodstone looks like, what Jessica would do with tiny demon slaves, unfortunate haircuts and even the handsome brother of Vlad the Impaler.

HORROR NEWS: the death of Don Calfa, Escape from New York remake, Space Clown




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Don Calfa

1939 – 2016


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