Episode 117: Top Ten Movies to Take Place on Halloween

happy_halloween_by_lordhannu-d4ekup5 (1)It’s Halloween! There’s really only one way to celebrate — with your favorite podcasters talking about the best horror movies that take place (or a significant portion of takes place) on Halloween.  Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd both made a list and are checking it twice.  Also discussed memorable Halloween costumes, Halloween episodes of TV shows and best Halloween specials — not including this one.  That goes without saying.

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Unleash Hell 43


In honor of the Halloween season, we are doubling up toys the next two weeks!  Yay!  More joy for everyone!


MPC Haunted Hulk Monster Ship

Loaded with a full complement of 8 different monsters from the1960s, this 11-inch long soft plastic ship is maddening!

5This green and white ship was so awesome and similar to the MPC pirate ships! This boat rocked my world! It set sail with every bath! Though it’s from the secondary market (meaning not the big guys like Mattel and Ideal etc) and ultra cheap looking (I LOVE that stuff) it kept my mind busy for hour after ticking hour!

Load it up with the plastic horror creatures and push the slimy green hulk through the bubbles and all the crazy foam over the River Styx and to the Castle of Doom! KILLER FUN!

7  8  4 2




OK I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Swamp Thing! I always loved reading all the comics as a kid!

I equally LOVE this playset!

8In association with the animated Swamp Thing series, Kenner produced a series of Swamp Thing action figures. There were six figures of Swampy, 4 villains, and two good guys. There were also a few vehicles and playsets.

The Swamp Trap Playset is simply KILLER!

This massive muck drenched mountain features incredible working action, awesome attention to detail, and plastic flowers! Who doesn’t like bright plastic flowers and killer Venus Fly Traps? The giant flytrap at the base of the mountain waits luring you to lower in the villains. So AWESOME! Next there’s an elevator, your standard up and down motion applies but still cool FUN and looking up from the bottom of the mountain at the top there is an AMAZING foam material that, as Swamp Thing rises, gives the illusion that he’s actually coming up through the swamp. It is truly fascinating!

5No, It doesn’t light up and it doesn’t make noise. This was back when playsets were filled with your vivid imagination, which meant it was to accompany your figures and heighten their playability factor.

What I LOVE about this playset is the hardcoreness of it. Swamp Thing feeding eco-enemies to giant venus fly traps and drowning them in quicksand. SO GREAT! and FUN!

Swamp Thing didn’t play around. He used to tear peoples arms off if they littered!

This is one totally AWESOME playset!

7  1  9 2

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Episode 116: The Ghost of Frankenstein

The_Ghost_of_Frankenstein_movie_posterAfter Frankenstein got a wife and a son, the next natural step is for him to become a ghost — and he does in the 1942 B-movie Ghost of Frankenstein.  Join Ron and Little Miss Horror Nerd as they discuss the differences between the child actor in this film and the previous film, whose brain could possibly be in the Frankenstein Monster’s head, what Ygor smells like, Little Miss Horror Nerd’s ability to get a handicap parking sticker, what happens when you don’t think out your brain surgery, whose body they would want their brains in and the few ways you can watch Ghost of Frankenstein.

Horror News: Tremors 5, Frankenstein TV Show, Halloween Wars and Critters digital series

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Little Miss Horror Nerd’s Little Horror Blog 64



Just in time for Halloween, I have a double feature for you! This week I watched See No Evil 2 and Wrong Turn 6 both released October 21st to DVD and VOD.


I have been looking forward to See No Evil 2 since I first heard about it and not because I loved the first film. I am a big fan of the Soska Twins who directed and Danielle Harris who played Amy, one of main characters. This film picks up literally right where the previous film left off. Jacob Goodnight, a deranged madman has killed everyone at a hotel and it appears he has also been killed. He is brought to the local morgue. Amy, who works at the morgue has decided to stay late and forgo her birthday plans to help her co-workers  deal with the bodies of Jacob and his victims. Amy’s friends decide to bring the party to her at the morgue and this is where things go down hill. Unfortunately, Jacob is not dead after all and boy is he pissed! Maybe it was Katharine Isabelle banging her boyfriend right next to his corpse!

images-5I will stop here because even though we all know where things are going, I don’t do spoilers. (ED Note: Here’s a spoiler, folks — don’t expect to see Katherine Isabelle’s tits.  She don’t show.  If you think she did, it’s a body double) To begin with this film is a huge improvement on the original. The production values, plot and actors are all improved upon. Jen and Sylvia Soska are also an improvement as the directors. These ladies are quite talented and having enjoyed their last film, American Mary, I was certain I would enjoy this one. I was not disappointed. Glenn Jacobs was a formidable opponent for these kids. Maybe even too much so. Every time he killed someone, he spent several minutes tossing them around like rag dolls first. They didn’t stand a chance! The actual kills were brutal, gory and creative in some cases. The film was successful in creating a creepy atmosphere. I also really enjoyed the look of the movie which was at once dark and beautiful.


If you are looking for a creepy, fun little slasher just in time for Halloween, you may want to check this out. I hate to disappoint the perverts out there but there are no bare boobies or vaginas in this film. (ED Note: Told ya)


Next up: Wrong Turn 6.

images-2 (2)

I’ll admit while the original film in this franchise starring Eliza Dushku scared the living hell out of me, the rest of the movies in the franchise have been quite disappointing. This film was no exception. I was hopeful because it sounded as though there may be a fresh plot. In Wrong Turn 6: The Last Resort the story of the cannibal’s origins would be told. And tell it they did, despite the fact that it was totally ludicrous.

download (5)A group of kids accompany their friend Danny, an orphan, to a hotel he just inherited from blood family members he did not know he had. Unbeknownst to any of the kids, these people who call themselves family have anything but good intentions toward them all. Danny’s family members, a brother and sister, have plans for him and he will participate whether he likes it or not. The cannibals will kill his friends while he is busy.

Sadly, this movie is just an absolute mess. The back story and it’s new characters are just bizarre. Sally, a Farrah Fawcett lookalike, seemed to be obsessed with fucking any man she scan. If she could not fuck them, she was watching them fuck or smothering them to death with her vagina. Don’t ask! The cannibals were all about murdering, which at least gave us some crazy kills. Fire hose up the ass til your belly explodes anyone? Um thanks but no thanks. How about being ripped apart alive and eaten just after you finish having sex? Sex is getting VERY dangerous. Aside from murders, female masturbation, and four sets of bare boobs we get a piece of garbage for a plot. If you are into the former by all means rent it. It is definitely not boring.

images-4 (1)


And that’s just for the kills.

If I have enticed you in any way into wanting watching these movies you may want to try a Roku Channel called M-GO. If you have never rented from them before you get your first rental for one dollar.

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Halloween Adventures 03

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

A complete breakdown

download (3)

If you live in America, you have probably seen It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown so many times that you can almost repeat the script word for word (you can’t, but you might think you can).

The special first hit the airwaves October 27, 1966 because the networks asked for another Charlie Brown special after the massive success of A Charlie Brown Christmas.  However, the Great Pumpkin storyline debuted in Peanuts comics almost seven years earlier in the October 27, 1959 strip.


While The Great Pumpkin has been relevant and a repeating gag every Halloween season in the comic strip (Linus has gotten everyone from Sally, Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty and even Snoopy to wait in the pumpkin patch for the arrival of the Great Pumpkin), television viewers have annually sat in front of their television at some point in October (airings have varied from early October to Halloween night) to digest the half hour of Charlie Brown’s woes and Linus’ mixing up his holidays.  Let no one lie to you, no matter how many copies of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown you have on VHS or DVD, there is nothing comparable to watching it on TV live.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is the only Halloween special to be regularly aired since its inception.  A lot of Halloween specials were made and aired for a number of years in the 1970s and 80s (A Garfield Halloween may be the most prominent).  After outlasting such specials as The Fat Albert Halloween special or Halloween is Grinch Night, The Great Pumpkin is now being aired next to Toy Story and Shrek Halloween specials ensuring yet another generation gets addicted.peanutsopening

I’ve said this before and I am sure that I will say this again — nothing perfectly encapsulates Halloween night like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. From the scratchy colored backgrounds to the downplayed and eerie soundtrack, if I could spend every Halloween night as the Peanuts gang does, I would live a fulfilled life.

When you’ve seen The Great Pumpkin as many times as I have, you start noticing the tiniest things about every such moment in the special. For example, my first statement watching the special this year was that they edited out the football scene.  Indeed, in 2014, two scenes were cut to knock the 25 minute special down to 22 minutes.  In 2014, Charlie Brown did not try to kick the football only to have Lucy pull it away at the very last minute.  To complement that, Snoopy didn’t have his emotion wrought dance with Schroeder at the Halloween party.  Over the years, The Great Pumpkin has gone through many variations to make room for broadcast partners (this year for Toy Story of Terror) or even had extra commercials to push the run time for the special to an hour.  You don’t last 48 years without some manipulation.

My knowledge of The Great Pumpkin aside, there are still questions to be answered!

Why are the people in this town such assholes?

maxresdefaultWho gives kids (or specifically, one prematurely balding child) a rock for Halloween?  I’ve handed candy to kids several times on Halloween night.  Never did I hide rocks underneath the Milky Ways or gum.  Thanks to the kind people of the world, Charlie Brown has gotten plenty of candy over the years as many viewers would mail candy to the studio in care of Charlie Brown to make sure he didn’t try to eat those damn rocks. Just a thought, Charlie Brown, if you’re just going to get rock every single year for Halloween anyway, why not just wait in the pumpkin patch with Linus — just in case.  Can’t hurt, right?

A free idea to costume companies:  Instead of trying to make a hot dog into a “sexy” costume, why don’t you make a costume of a sheet ghost with a bunch of black circles (representing holes) that come complete with a bag of rocks?  Call it “Bad Luck Trick or treater.”

On the flip side of this, who gives out quarters to random kids?  I have 60-70 trick-or-treaters every Halloween night.  That could get expensive!

Charlie Brown is a bad brother.

Linus spends every Halloween in the pumpkin patch waiting for the great pumpkin.  As much of a bitch as she may be, at least Lucy has the balls to ask people for an extra piece of candy for her “stupid brother.”  Sally is tricked by love into staying the night in the pumpkin patch, but Charlie Brown does not go the extra mile for his little sis.  Then again, if all he is going to get is a bag of rocks, she may be better off!

Who is the person who opens the door for Snoopy, the World War I flying ace?

This is going to sound ridiculous because this bothered me for ten years before I finally figured it out.  As sad as I am to admit it — that is not even an exaggeration. Shortly after showing off their costumes (all of them are ghosts.  Some of them are ghosts with masks on — Halloween costumes weren’t very creative in the 60s), Snoopy walks by the kids in his costume — that of a World War I flying ace!  As Snoopy leaves, one kid shows the proper respect by holding the door open for him and saluting.

download (4)

As you can see, this kid is in the regular ghost attire.  He is not one of the kids with the mask or the kid with the coonskin cap.  He isn’t Charlie Brown because he doesn’t have wholes all over his sheet.  He isn’t Pigpen because he doesn’t have dirt all around him.  Our only clue as to the identity of the kid is the light orange sleeve that pokes out of the sheet. After many years of research (ie, watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown), I deduced it’s the kid in the light orange shirt standing behind Pigpen at the Halloween party in this scene.  More on Pigpen in a minute.


But…who is this kid?  His name is 5.  His proper name is 555-95472.  You see, 5′s parents got to feeling like they were nothing but a number to the government, so they literally renamed themselves after numbers.   Check out this dancing picture from the Christmas special below.  He’s the kid with the weird eagle-like dance.  The two girls who look identical with the stringy hair around him?  Those are his sisters, the twins — named 3 and 4, respectively.


Even 5′s page in the Peanuts Wiki mentions he has a small non-speaking role in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Pigpen wears glasses?!!

My new dilemma surrounds the dirtiest boy anyone knows, none other than Pigpen.  Pigpen is a one off joke that somehow lasted the entire run of Peanuts. He’s seen several times throughout the special, but check out this picture from the party one more time.


Notice something different?  Yeah, Pigpen is wearing fucking glasses!  WTF?!!  At no other time during the comic strip run or any of the other animated specials does Pigpen ever sport four eyes.  You can’t even claim he’s in costume because 1) we saw his costume earlier in the program and 2) no one is in costume anymore.   I am sure this is nothing more than an animation mistake, but it bothers me to no end!  A quick search of the internet tells me I am not the only one.


There’s about 1300 words on It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  Hopefully, it puts you into the season as much as it does me!




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